Invincible Iron Man

(ended 1966)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Beauty and the Armor
      Tony Stark must deal with the Countess de la Spiroza, who seeks to reveal Iron Man's true identity so that she can have Tony at her beck and call.
    • Dream Master
      Dream Master
      Episode 12
      Under the guise of the "Dream Master," Count Nefaria strikes at Iron Man from out of the shadows through his very dreams.
    • My Life for Yours
      My Life for Yours
      Episode 11
      When Happy is injured in a car wreck, the villainous Black Knight abducts him from the hospital and uses him as bait to lure Iron Man to his castle-fortress.
    • Cliffs of Doom
      Cliffs of Doom
      Episode 10
      Two of Spider-man's foes, the Chameleon and Kraven the Hunter, team up to defeat Iron Man, tricking him into battle against his fellow Avenger...Captain America!
    • The Other Iron Man
      During a Congressional investigation into Iron Man, Tony Stark has a heart attack, further fueling rumors that he and Iron Man are one and the same. As a ruse, Tony has Happy Hogan don the Iron Man armor but things go awry when the Mandarin teleports "Iron Man" to his castle and prepares to eliminate his enemy once and for all.moreless
    • The Moleman Strikes
      The villainous outcast known as the Moleman plans the conquest of the surface world and begins by capturing Iron Man and Pepper then steals an entire factory containing an earth-digging device he needs. Iron Man must thwart the Moleman's plan and defeat his fire-breathing subterranean dragon.
    • If I Die, Let It Be With Honor
      In part of their never-ending battle against the evil capitalistic U.S., the Russians create a suit of titanium armor and give it Commissar Bulski. Then they have Bulski challenge Iron Man to a duel on neutral ground, but not everything is what it seems. When Iron Man's armor is critically damaged, Happy must get the necessary component to him despite the danger.moreless
    • Enter Hawkeye
      Enter Hawkeye
      Episode 6
      The archer known as Hawkeye tries to become a hero but is seen by the police when he stops a robbery and they believe he was involved. On the run, he is approached by the Russian spy Black Widow, who offers him the chance to help defeating Iron Man. After escaping their first encounter, Hawkeye and Black Widow go after Tony once again but the Black Widow's masters haul her back to Russia.moreless
    • Crimson Dynamo
      Crimson Dynamo
      Episode 5
      Russian scientist Professor Venko attempts to defect, and is secretly the Crimson Dynamo - a Russian equivalent of Iron Man. When he tries to get to America, the Soviet Government send their top operative - the Black Widow - to stop him.
    • The Mandarin's Revenge
      When military missiles are stolen, Iron Man suspects his arch-nemesis the Mandarin, and lays a trap which involves him being captured so that he can find the missiles.
    • Ultimo
      Episode 3
      The Mandarin returns, and manages to trap Tony Stark within a volcano. Without his armor, Tony is helpless as he faces the gigantic doomsday robot Ultimo.
    • The Death of Tony Stark
      A mysterious laser beam from an orbital satellite destroys Tony Stark's home. As Iron Man, Tony escapes but is unable to account for his "survival" and so must avoid being seen in public as Stark until he can track down the culprit...The Mandarin!
    • Double Disaster
      Double Disaster
      Episode 1
      We find out how Tony Stark relies on his "Iron Man" suit to stay alive, meets "Happy" Hogan, and deals with the criminal menace of Jack Frost.