Invincible Iron Man

(ended 1966)





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  • "The Invicible Iron Man" was the 1966 animated cartoon series by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby which featured one of the first comic book contributions as a director from world famous Ralph Bakshi.

    The show followed the adventures of rich socialist and scientist Anthony "Tony" Stark who leads a double life as a crime fighter known as "Iron Man". Very much like Bruce
    Wayne, Stark was a "player" who enjoyed the best things in life such as fast cars, and women

    This is the first show I edited for
    , while the show is rather dated, one can
    see how Stan Lee tried to break out of his
    usual comic routines with the Hulk and Spiderman
    by giving us a slightly more conservative
    character in Tony Stark.

    The animation is typical Marvel, rather slow
    but effective at times drawing frames of animation
    very much like a comic book. The animation
    then provided a familiar styles for fans to
    follow and observe the action. There were
    a couple of good moral issues in the show as
    well like a typical Marvel cartoon.