Invincible Iron Man

(ended 1966)





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  • Based on the Marvel's comics of the hero Iron Man and his adventures.

    Probably my first - and the last - cartoon I've watched from this era.

    I am yet to get into reading the Iron Man comics, but when I watched the cartoon episodes, I could see how those could have been taken directly from a comic.

    If we skip the rather faltering animation (hey, this is a 1966 show we're talking about, and they did things differently back then), we get into what the show is like.

    The storytelling is trippy at best. It jumps from one thing to another, explains rather than shows (again, this might be a quirk of the shows of that era). Knowing what kind of stories the writers of Marvel com-ics are able to sketch, it is almost a shame to see them killed this way.

    There is no character depth, and each episode seems very hurried.

    All in all, this show was a rather amusing thing to watch a horrid comical relief to a modern age's child.