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In Iron Chef America, another in the series of "Iron Chef" shows, chefs from all across the country and even the world do battle with four Iron Chefs, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay, returning Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto (from the original series) and their newest Iron chef, and the first ever female Iron Chef, Cat Cora. Mark Dacascos is the new "Chairman" for this show (portrayed as the nephew of the original Chairman Kaga). Alton Brown (Good Eats) provides commentary during the battle, with Kevin Brauch (The Thirsty Traveller) doing reporting on-the-scene updates. Whose cuisine will reign supreme?


    Which is the Better Channel: Food Network or Oxygen?

    Do you prefer food preparation or food FIGHTS?


    What to Watch This Weekend: Tons of New Year's Eve Coverage, Chuck, and the Premiere of HBO's Angry Boys

    Plus: Oprah's next chapter, Oprah's Next Chapter and Hell on Wheels.

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      ICA has SERIOUSLY started to SUCK over the last two years. It's gone down hill in fast - not just because its chefs suck (what ever happened to Mario Batali?) but because it's gotten campier and much less fun to watch. It's at the point where if the show went off the air, I'd not miss it at all.
    • ghosts of holidays past

      Judges are so ignorant of Japanese cuisine, Mortimoto is at a huge disadvantage, which goes to show how genius he is considering how many times he's won in America. The judges didn't know that egg is a traditional key component to sukiyaki. Nor did they know the traditional fish dish for New year's day (Japan's religious holiday), as they commented how the dish didn't seem very holiday-themed.
    • This show is fixed

      I would like to see a "true" show where judges don't know who made what dish. Guarentee that the results are different. It's a total BS show. Alton Brown is a fraud.

      Have never seen an honest show, despite the secret ingredient.
    • iron chef a big yawn

      I used to be a huge Iron Chef America fan but I'm just a show or two from writing if off for good. for one thing, it's just gotten way too damn predictable. one of the key characteristics of any really great contest is its unpredictability which keeps you guessing right up to the end. ICA has gotten so predictable that the only real suspense left is the unveiling of the "secret" ingredient, a joke because they've obviously know weeks in advance. how else would they know to bring a cotton candy machine or shaved ice machine with them? and even the secret ingredient can be manipulated. have you ever noticed how they nearly always stack the deck in Morimoto's favor by giving him seafood (his big specialty) as a "secret" ingredient? try giving him hot dogs or rattlesnake and see how well he does. of course he'd go ahead and trot out sashimi and sushi served in seaweed and little lacquered Japanese boxes anyway and the judges would wet themselves in rapture like they always do!. the chairman is the biggest joke though. his questions to the contestants are juvenile and stupid and I almost feel embarrassed for him. "Tell us what your inspiration for your meal" is so ridiculous that it's painful. of course they're going to say something like, "I wanted to show how interesting and versatile the secret ingredient is. just once i'd like a contestant to respond, "My inspiration is to win this stupid show! does he really have to glare nonstop, as if he's some kind of great Bushido warrior or serial killer? does he even know how to smile? also, the fakey chop-sockey sound effects every time he moves his head have gotten annoying and ludicrous. they used to be good for a giggle but now they're just tiresome and silly. the last straw are the changes this new season. the 20 minute deadline at the beginning forces the chefs to prepare less than they're best effort, and the culinary curveball, used to great and fascinating effect on Chopped, is just plain silly (as in the mason jar I kind of expect them to unveil a secret decoder ring or a unicycle any episode now! the only thing left that is still worth watching and fascinating is Alton Brown--his silly and goofy jokes notwithstanding! thank god for Chopped which is about the only thing really good left on a once interesting and food oriented channel!moreless
    • possible show idea

      Pit boy scouts/boys club against girl scouts/girls club with an Iron chef advising,
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