Iron Chef America

Season 7 Episode 11

Iron Chef Bobby Flay vs. Amanda Freitag

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 22, 2009 on Food Network
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Iron Chef Bobby Flay vs. Amanda Freitag
Battle: King Crab

Chefs: New York Chef Amanda Freitag enters Kitchen Stadium ready to take on Iron Chef Bobby Flay.
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      • Chairman: You are most comfortable cooking on your home court. Can you win a road game in Kitchen Stadium?
        Amanda Freitag: Yes, I can. I've travelled a lot to be here and I'm ready.
        Chairman: Very good, and now our friendly banter must end. Tell me, which Iron Chef will shiver at the sight of your shiny spatula?
        Amanda Freitag: We both like to cook American cuisine, and life is not living without a challenge. So I choose Iron Chef Bobby Flay.

      • Kevin Brauch: Interesting thing about the challenger, last night she had to replace one of her sous chefs who got sick apparently. So that's why Justin is standing in today. But the funny thing is, Justin's wearing gloves because he's allergic to crab.
        Alton Brown: So the guy whose allergic to crab is breaking down the crab?!

      • Alton Brown: They've also got a mixture sautéing. There's some red bell pepper in there and some Fresno chillies.
        Amanda Freitag: They're my favourite.
        Alton Brown: Why are they your favourite, chef?
        Amanda Freitag: They have the perfect balance of sweet and hot, just like me!

      • Amanda Freitag: I'm challenging Bobby, I've got to have chillies, no?
        Alton Brown: You're just opening yourself up for an amazing world of humiliation and hurt!

      • Alton Brown: Chef Freitag confusing her job with mine and talking almost as much as I do during this battle today. I don't know if she talks when she's nervous or just talks!
        Amanda Freitag: You got it.
        Alton Brown: But none of her sous chefs have said anything.
        Amanda Freitag: That's scaring me. That's scaring me a little bit.
        Alton Brown: All right, cook and let me earn my living!

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