Iron Chef America

Season 2 Episode 7

Iron Chef Bobby Flay vs. Michelle Bernstein

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 11, 2005 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Theme : Sweet Onions
Iron Chef Flay's Dishes
Tree Onion Tapas
Roasted Onion Tamale
Sweet Onion Salmon
BBQ Onion Cobb Salad
Blooming Onion
Michelle Bernstein's Dishes
Oyster and Sherry
Tuna and Pickled Onions
Onion Tart
Sweetbread with Bacony Onion
Pineapple Onion Napoleon
Julie White, Jeffrey Steingarten and James Oliver Cury.
Iron Chef Flay
Taste : 21
Plating : 11
Originality : 9
Total : 41
Michelle Bernstein
Taste : 24
Plating : 11
Originality : 9
Total : 47
Winner : Michelle Bernstein
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