Iron Chef America

Season 6 Episode 4

Iron Chef Cat Cora vs. Lee Hillson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Secret Ingredient: Ham

Iron Chef Cat Cora's Dishes
Ham and Gruyere Cheese Croquettes
Country Ham Dumplings in Consomme
Ham and Salsify Wrap
Green Ham and Eggs
Grilled Ham Tartiflette
Cola Braised Ham

Challenger Lee Hillson's Dishes
Ham-Stuffed Lobster Carpaccio
Twice Baked Ham Souffle
Fettucine Carbonara
Ham and Cheese Pithivier
Ham-Stuffed Rabbit

Food Author Ted Allen
Media Queen Karine Bakhoum
Fashion Designer Marc Ecko

Iron Chef Cat Cora
Taste: 24
Plating: 13
Originality: 14
Total: 51

Challenger Lee Hillson
Taste: 25
Plating: 13
Originality: 12
Total: 50

Winner: Iron Chef Cat Cora

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