Iron Chef America

Season 5 Episode 5

Iron Chef Cat Cora vs. Mark Tarbell

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 16, 2007 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Secret Ingredient: Apple Iron Chef Cat Cora's Dishes Live Scallop with Apple Gelee Curried Apple Cauliflower Soup Cider Hamachi with Apple Walnut Vinaigrette Sweetbreads with Apple-Sunchoke Puree Rabbit with Brussels Sprout and Apple Hash Roasted Apple and Candied Caramel Apple with Bourbon Cider Challenger Mark Tarbell's Dishes Apple Broth with Apple Fry Bread Celery Root and Apple Soup Pan Seared Scallop with Apple Tamale Double Cut Pork Chop with Apple Cornbread Caramel, Chocolate, and Candy Apples Judges Bonecrusher - Hip Hop Artist Karine Bakhoum - KB Network News Jeffrey Steingarten - Author "The Man Who Ate Everything" Iron Chef Cat Cora Taste: 18 Plating: 12 Originality: 14 Total: 44 Challenger Mark Tarbell Taste: 24 Plating: 13 Originality: 13 Total: 50 Winner: Chef Tarbell