Iron Chef America

Season 5 Episode 11

Iron Chef Cat Cora vs. Todd Richards

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 02, 2007 on Food Network



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    • Alton Brown: George Bernard Shaw, the playwright, wrote that "there is no love more sincere than the love of food." You know, when you think about it, that means that Kitchen Stadium's just one big ol'love pit whose sole reason for existing is to generate more fuzzy feelings. Ha! The only sincere love around here is the love of winning!

    • The Chairman: You come from the land of thoroughbreds, so are you ready to run in the kitchen derby?
      Todd Richards: I'm ready for battle!

    • (Todd Richards pours alcohol into a pan of carrots)
      Alton Brown: If carrots could drink, they'd be pretty loopy right about now!

    • Alton Brown: Did you know, in World War 2 British pilots were fed extra carrot rations to improve their night vision? Just thought you ought to know.

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