Iron Chef America

Season 3 Episode 11

Iron Chef Cat Cora vs. Walter Scheib

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 17, 2006 on Food Network

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  • Succulent dishes presented almost as works of art, an evenly matched pair of excellently skilled chefs, and Dungeness Crab taking center stage as the main ingredient, make this a episode not to miss.

    Iron Chef Cat Cora battles challenger Walter Scheib, a former White House chef, with the main ingredient being Dungeness Crab. It was such a delight to watch this episode. The aromas practically wafted through the television set and both chefs are so skilled that they made the various artistically prepared dishes look like such ease to make. Their use of things such as ginger root, avacado, and exotic things like crab liver, made it even that more interesting. One thing I liked about this particular episode is how evenly matched each chef seemed. They were side by side all the way through and that gave a good race. Each also made dishes that your average lay person might like to try at home and that is one thing that holds my interest when I watch this show. All and all it was a good episode and I'd recommend it to someone without hesitation.