Iron Chef America

Season 5 Episode 4

Iron Chef Mario Batali vs. Andrew Carmellini

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 09, 2007 on Food Network



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  • Quotes

    • Kevin Brauch: Just wondering, am I going to need to know Italian for this battle? Because I feel like if I don't have a good understanding of the language, I'm in serious trouble here.
      Alton Brown: You and I are both already in trouble, because neither of us speak Italian worth a whip.
      Mario Batali: Two words, two words; va bene!
      Alton Brown: Va bene, which translates loosely to "awesome, dude!"

    • Alton Brown: Well that's certainly a first here in Kitchen Stadium, I've never watched the inside of a parm set on fire.

    • Alton Brown: If your mouth isn't watering at home right now, you may want to see a physician!

    • Alton Brown: The real winner here today is me, because I saw where the Chairman's goons stashed all that cheese.

  • Notes

    • After six years at Café Boulud, where he won a James Beard Award in 2005, Andrew Carmellini opened the Italian restaurant A Voce in Manhattan in March 2006.

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