Iron Chef America

Season 3 Episode 22

Iron Chef Mario Batali vs. Ian Chalmerkittichai

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2007 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Theme : Lentils
Iron Chef Dishes
Scampi Alla Plancha with Red Lentil Vinaigrette
Cuttlefish "In Zimino" with Green Lentils
Yellow Lentil Fettucine Alfredo
Yellow Lentil Puree with Duck Confit and Cabbage
Cotechino and Lentil Tower with Fried Lentil Tortellini
Challenger Dishes
Limestone Lentil Tartlet with Hamachi
Spicy and Sour Soup with Lentil Crusted Scallops
Thai Beef and Lentil Salad
Duck with Lentil Tumeric Rice
Lentil Ice Cream
Karine Bakhoum, Joel McHale and Monisha Bharadwaj.
Iron Chef
Taste : 27
Plating : 12
Originality : 14

Total : 53
Taste : 24
Plating : 13
Originality : 11

Total : 48
Winner : Iron Chef Batali