Iron Chef America

Season 1 Episode 8

Iron Chef Mario Batali vs. Michael Laiskonis

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2005 on Food Network



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    • Alton Brown: I'm Alton Brown, here in the heart of our gourmet academy where you can taste the anticipation and may I say, it tastes delicious! Now the time has come for our gastronomical battle royale!

    • Mario Batali: Michael is a pastry chef who was a sous chef before. So I'm particularly frightened of the potential disastrous results of being that I've never really made great desserts, I've always scoffed at them so who knows?

    • Kevin Brauch: I mean, you say 'Battle Chocolate' and everyone says 'yum!'
      Alton Brown: Yeah, and then somebody gets out a fish!

    • Alton Brown: I notice open flame on Mario Batali's cook top, I don't like the look of that.
      Mario Batali: Duck string, going down.
      Alton Brown: Well, that won't last long then. At least it's not something more critical like his apron!

    • Alton Brown: Well travelling through the world on chocolate to me means sleeping in a cheap Paris motel eating a bag of Hershey Kisses but maybe you can work with me and help me upgrade a little bit.

    • Jeffrey Steingarten: Don't you think that seared scallops are kind of over?
      Mario Batali: I am not one to follow food as fashion, but one to follow food more as the greatness of things that will never go out of style.
      Jeffrey Steingarten: Good for you!

    • Alton Brown: As for Chef Laiskonis? Well, defeat is bitter. But I would remind him that life is like chocolate and that without a little bitterness, the sweetness don't mean a thing.

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