Iron Chef America

Season 3 Episode 9

Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto vs. Christophe Eme

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 2006 on Food Network

Episode Recap

Theme : Lobster

Iron Chef Dishes Poached Lobster with Potato Chips Lobster Ball with Lobster Sauce Lobster with Chili Sauce and Lobster Hot Dog Sea Cucumber Marinated Grilled Lobster Lobster Soup with Lobster Rice Vanilla Ice Cream with Lobster Sauce

Challenger Dishes Lobster Spring Roll Lobster Ceviche with Olive Oil Ice Cream Lobster Sausage with Verbena Milk Lobster Fricassee Lobster Gratin with Mango Risotto

Judges Barry Wine, Karine Bakhoum and Jeffrey Steingarten.

Iron Chef

Taste : 26 Plating : 14 Originality : 13 Total : 53


Taste : 20 Plating : 11 Originality : 9 Total : 40

Winner : Masaharu Morimoto