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  • The village idiot as "The Chairman"??

    I loved the original Iron Chef, was okay with ICA in the beginning, but I'm absolutely sick to death of the ridiculousness that has grown along with the show over the years. There are a number of moronic judges that shouldn't be on the program as they have very little to no knowledge of what they're judging, bias seems to be a real problem there as well, and there's altogether too much bull&%$# from "The Chairman", who is a terrible actor, and a lousy showman, for this show to be on my 'want to watch' list! I lova Alton Brown, and the chefs, but get rid of the absolutely unecessary and extraneous garbage and it could be a great show again!!

    ICA has SERIOUSLY started to SUCK over the last two years. It's gone down hill in fast - not just because its chefs suck (what ever happened to Mario Batali?) but because it's gotten campier and much less fun to watch. It's at the point where if the show went off the air, I'd not miss it at all.
  • ghosts of holidays past

    Judges are so ignorant of Japanese cuisine, Mortimoto is at a huge disadvantage, which goes to show how genius he is considering how many times he's won in America. The judges didn't know that egg is a traditional key component to sukiyaki. Nor did they know the traditional fish dish for New year's day (Japan's religious holiday), as they commented how the dish didn't seem very holiday-themed.
  • This show is fixed

    I would like to see a "true" show where judges don't know who made what dish. Guarentee that the results are different. It's a total BS show. Alton Brown is a fraud.

    Have never seen an honest show, despite the secret ingredient.
  • iron chef a big yawn

    I used to be a huge Iron Chef America fan but I'm just a show or two from writing if off for good. for one thing, it's just gotten way too damn predictable. one of the key characteristics of any really great contest is its unpredictability which keeps you guessing right up to the end. ICA has gotten so predictable that the only real suspense left is the unveiling of the "secret" ingredient, a joke because they've obviously know weeks in advance. how else would they know to bring a cotton candy machine or shaved ice machine with them? and even the secret ingredient can be manipulated. have you ever noticed how they nearly always stack the deck in Morimoto's favor by giving him seafood (his big specialty) as a "secret" ingredient? try giving him hot dogs or rattlesnake and see how well he does. of course he'd go ahead and trot out sashimi and sushi served in seaweed and little lacquered Japanese boxes anyway and the judges would wet themselves in rapture like they always do!. the chairman is the biggest joke though. his questions to the contestants are juvenile and stupid and I almost feel embarrassed for him. "Tell us what your inspiration for your meal" is so ridiculous that it's painful. of course they're going to say something like, "I wanted to show how interesting and versatile the secret ingredient is. just once i'd like a contestant to respond, "My inspiration is to win this stupid show! does he really have to glare nonstop, as if he's some kind of great Bushido warrior or serial killer? does he even know how to smile? also, the fakey chop-sockey sound effects every time he moves his head have gotten annoying and ludicrous. they used to be good for a giggle but now they're just tiresome and silly. the last straw are the changes this new season. the 20 minute deadline at the beginning forces the chefs to prepare less than they're best effort, and the culinary curveball, used to great and fascinating effect on Chopped, is just plain silly (as in the mason jar I kind of expect them to unveil a secret decoder ring or a unicycle any episode now! the only thing left that is still worth watching and fascinating is Alton Brown--his silly and goofy jokes notwithstanding! thank god for Chopped which is about the only thing really good left on a once interesting and food oriented channel!
  • possible show idea

    Pit boy scouts/boys club against girl scouts/girls club with an Iron chef advising,
  • It is ENTERTAINMENT, folks!

    To all of you people griping that the judges aren't fair, and Bobby Flay is a jerk, etc. - your problem is that you have mistaken this for a serious cooking competition instead of something that was created by marketing people who know and care nothing about food, just to attract Joe Sixpack to watch. Sure, the pow wows before the match are fake. OBVIOUSLY. The fact is that they are given a list of three possible secret ingredients a month ahead of time, and are told which one of the three it will be hours ahead. Then they pretend to be surprised, doing take after take. Think about how the tasting could actually work - one chef finishes his dishes and the other food goes cold while he stands and waits? Ever notice they only plate ONE portion before the time runs out? Where's the portions for the others? It's all fake.
  • sexist

    it's too bad that it has to be such a male dominated, ego driven and

    sexist show. have you noticed that a woman will rarely win against an

    iron chef?? have you also noticed that the panel has only one woman

    judge and two men?? no wonder the men iron chef always win. also, have

    you noticed how many women iron chef are out there??? I so wonder about

    this show and the food industry... just like another male dominating

    industry, men grabbed the power and will never give it to women. but in

    reality, women cook at home in almost every family, so you tell me how

    come men are always on top in iron chef and top chef the answer is simple, it's a sexist field.
  • Cool Idea

    Good show. I noticed that 9 xs out of 10 the Iron Chef wins, which I don't like. Like that Alton Brown hosts.
  • this show is bs

    I agree with none!

    YES JUDGES ARE BS!!! I get that, and they contradict themselves and judge on stupid stuff and deduct points because of stupidity. seriously, how old are they in this industry?!

    Judges should just be this way, all judges with earplugs, in a walled, sound proof room where they cant see shit going on, or know show doing what, and judges be chosen FROM THE PUBLIC and 2 or 3 professional judges to balance it out. in other words, totally blind judging until after they decide on points for the whole course meals while having them mixed up only chefs knowing what they cooked, and remaining of public. then will i start once again, taking this show seriously
  • Tammy

    I love watching Iron Chef and I watch it alot..However you need to not have judge Karine Bakhoum on there no more....She always making complaints about the challengers dishes and never the Iron Chefs...All the other judges love the challengers dishes but her....I think the judging is rigged due to her being on the show because she likes the Iron chefs and it's not fair to the challengers.....I rather watch Jeffery....Just her alone makes me not Iron Chef no more...Please get rid of her! Thanks

    Please bring back the Old Iron Chef show...that was a amazing show....
  • Alex and Zakarian together--no!!

    I use to enjoy watching Iron Chef until Zakarian won it. From now on when his episodes are on, I will turn it off. He and Alex turn my stomach with how they act towards each other.
  • taking Iron Chef off DVR list

    Judging should be blind if they want it to be believable, the pow-wows look fake and the chairman needs to quit asking the chefs about their approach to the secret ingredient. They always have the same answer-"I wanted to show the versatility of this ingredient."

    Donna Arpaia should be banned from the judge's panel. She tries to influence new judges as if they aren't as smart and sophisticated as she is. Then she contradicts herself. She clearly favors the Iron Chef. Probably so she can keep coming back.
  • A Sham

    Iron Chef America is now really "The Bobby Flay Show" - a joke.
  • Jill Zarin a judge????

    ICA just lost me as a long-time viewer and major fan!!!! Ms. Zarin couns spending $16,000 on a $15 leather purse as an "accomplishment" and wouldn't know a quenelle if it bit her on the tush. She not only doesn't give a fig about food, she's got serious IQ problems to boot (see $16,000 leather purse). Who on earth was the brainchild behind this one? I am certain it was not Alton, who will continue to have my abiding loyalty no matter what he does --- he is my "Food Yoda", and always will be.
  • What is wrong with the jury

    Please tell me is there somebody out there who allso is professionally offended about how the jury does it's job?!? I am for one VERY jealous that they get to be there, sit on their *** and taste all those amazing dishes and then put on those smug faces and give such comment without even having respect for the hard work those chefs did. Well that is how they come across to me. That is exactly why I never watch Chopped, because I could just hit those judges to reality, they are not celebs, or any kind of important people. They are just pretty damn lucky, that's what they are.
  • Biassed.

    They should show the food by itself, not with the chef. I understand this is an older show and that it has been around for a while, but it is not fair to the competing chefs for the judges to know who's food is who. This show is always disappointing and just angers me how the judges just pile negative comments upon negative comments on the competing chef, then compliment the iron chef nonstop. The food should be shown separately without knowing who had cooked the dish. This way, the judges have no way of being biassed. Please take my view on this show into consideration.
  • It is not the same.

    I am no longer an avid Iron Chef America fan now that Batali is no longer a part. He was the Saki on Iron Chef America (ICA). What has happened to ICA? Even the judges are no longer as qualified to judge culinary arts. You have hired ICA chefs that are by no means of the quality and caliber of Mario Batali, and because of this, I am no longer an ICA fan :(
  • Terrible

    I think it's pretty terrible what I have read about that Batali and his labor dispute. Taking from his employee's. NASTY man, he looks like the kind that would climb the backs of the little man to get more. I use to love to watch Iron Chef. But when they show his fat face and sneeky RAT eyes all I can see is him TAKING from his employee's. Does he not get enough from this his tv shows, that he must take from people that work for him????

    Once more I don't watch the Iron Chef when he is picked. SHAME ON YOU batali, nasty sneeky sweaty man and wash that greasy stringy hair.
  • Un-REAL Housewives judging for REAL food?

    Boy, Iron Chef America has sunk to a new low. A self-invented reality idiot, who has no class and certainly no culinary sophistication, judging food made by some of the best chefs in the world? By her own admission--"I dont eat sushi and I don't like mussels". GO HOME then and snack on the string bean-cream-of-mushroom soup-canned onion rings casserole you know and love. It was painful to watch and I am certain Zakarian and the other judges were horrified by this bimbo.

  • Zakarian

    Totally agree with DavidSmith3. I'm surprised Geoffery's parents weren't on the judging panel. Now go back to the finale of the Next Iron Chef and it makes sense that Alex was the only chef to work for both of them. No respect for Iron Chef America.
  • Judges

    Jill Zarin as a judge ... really ? Who did she pay? She was terrible as a judge.
  • The latest Iron Chef America

    First! Alexandra Guarnaschelli should NOT be a sous chef to Geoffrey Zakarian! Totally not fair to the other contestants.

    Second! Find some qualified judges! Jill Zarin, really?? "I've never had sushi" yet she is an Iron Chef America Judge?? If you need someone qualified, call me... I have over 20 years in the food and hospitality industry, live in NYC, and certainly could add an opinion that holds some weight vs a wanna be celebrity! Come on Food Network, it's about as bad as when you had Phil Simms and his partner on there..... really.....let's try to keep some sense of credibility.... David Smith, Principal, Smith Hospitality Group.
  • 3/14/09 "Flay vs Oseland" Flay's food was disappointing and the Judge James Oseland was a disgusting pig

    I am a huge fan of Iron Chef America and have been for years, but I have to say that I was extremely disgusted by the judge, James Oseland during the episode aired 3/14/09 "Flay vs Kinch". He shoveled the food into his mouth and chewed with his mouth open, spoke with his mouth full (I felt sorry for Katie I think he spit food on her!) he was literally drooling and slobering. It was the most dispicable display of table manners I have ever witnessed in my life. On a good note I thought Kinch's food looked so appealing that I also was salivating but had the decency to cover my mouth with a napkin. I truely hope that if they invite him back they post a disclaimer stating " the following program may not be suitable for viewing by the squeemish".
  • Silly, goofy and at times, just plain stupid.

    I think many remember the original Iron Chef. Sure, that show was wacky, but wacky in an exotic way. Well, Food Network has started their own version of the hit Japanese T.V. and, well...

    I thought the pilot series was done well enough, it was entertaining and seemed kind of like an actual competition, even though we all knew it wasn't. The pilot was such a success, Food Network gave a full series the green light. At first, the show carried itself fairly well. Ok, for the first two or three episodes it carried itself well, but as the show goes on it gets more and more silly.

    At the core of all of this goofy, corn ball dialogue is the "chairmen's nephew". Apparently the nephew of the chairman from the original series! Wow! Apparently, in the chairmen's spare time, he likes to act in really bad movies on the Sci-Fi Channel. All I can say is, I don't know how the guy keeps a straight face as he says half of what he says, it's just too ridiculous. The chairman is also accompanied by his own corny sound effects. Color commentary is provided by Alton Brown, who I normally like, but in this series I just can't stand his goofy jokes and his enjoyment of calling the audience "kids".

    While the competition is enjoyable to watch for five minutes, the corny dialogue just doesn't make up for it. Please Food Network, at least try to make it serious.
  • Hi from Judy in Missouri. I was wondering about the chairman because I've seen several movies that starred a guy that looks like him and lo and behold your chairman is the same person. Love him. He's a pretty good actor. Love the Iron Chef.

    Saw Iron Chef today Mosimoto vs Love. Great. Judges a little off today. None the less always like Iron Chef.Love the episodes with Flay. He is another of my favorites. I always thought Mario Bateli was a wonderful chef. I would love to try his food. I'm not much for Calimari, buffalo and some of those other weird dishes. I'm like Paula Deen I'm a southern gal and love the food from the south. Therefore every southern dish you have on the shows I'm dashing for my paper and pen. It would be fun on the Iron Chef to have the chefs cook collard Greens, or cornbread. Wow How much fun would that be.LOL Well keep up the good work on the chef and give my regards to chairman. I saw one of his movies today on t.v A devoted fan.
  • And the secret ingredient is...

    Iron Chef America is just as enjoyable as the original Japanese Iron Chef. This series is about average chefs taking on top chefs of the nation to compete in a battle of creative cooking skills for the recognition as a top chef themselves. My favorite Iron chefs are Masaharu Morimoto, Mario Batali (before he was replaced by Michael Symon) and Cat Cora. It's interesting to see the chefs create 5 different dishes focused around a secret ingredient that they are presented with at the beginning of the competition. It's outstanding what some of the chefs can create, especially when sometimes the secret ingredient is as simple as eggplant or as farfetched as squid. Alton Brown also does a good job narrating what goes on in the kitchen. Iron Chef America is definately one of my favorite food competitions to watch.
  • Sure I miss the funny voices of the translators in the American version... but that doesn't make the show any less enjoyable!

    I don't know why everyone hates Michael Symon so much... he was a great choice for the new Iron Chef... Can you really see yourself watching Chef Besh compete in that area everyweek... Dripping sweat into all his food... Disgusting, I'm sorry...

    The great thing about this show is that there is so much more interaction between the hosts, the judges and the chefs now than in the past.

    I love Cat Cora for always having fun, I love Bobby Flay for always smiling, Mario Batali for being the only redhead I've ever seen speak such perfect Italian and Morimoto for always kicking butt...

    And now we have Michael Symon... maybe I have a soft spot for bad boys, but I'm excited about him as the new Iron Chef!

    Why don't you all give him a chance before tossing him into the fire...
  • wow

    Ahead of its time, HA not a chance the original maybe, but the chairman was in a dmx action movie this is supposed to be real are you kidding me, the iron chef always wins and the ingredients are unlimited wow seriously a rewound backflip in the begginging credits, looks at the pepper and bites an apple? and nobody eats an apple that way turn it on its side for goodness sake. Get someone no one recognizes from bad action movies to be in charge and fix the host's Alfalfa hairdoo. And whats with the judges not eating some things. I miss Ota from the real iron chef and yes i undersatnd its done thus the Morimoto sell out to this one but Jamie Oliver lost really? Yeah its a rant but if anyone appreciates food they will tell you at least get the show off the air and quit wasting the food networks time.
  • The show finale threw out the usual standards and turned into a popularity contest. The votes of the tasting panel were tallied along with those of the three weekly judges--WHO DIDN'T SAMPLE THE FOOD.

    What a joke!!! If the task was to replace Batali, what better choice would there have been than the chef who trounced him 55 to 49 in the battle of andouille sausage, John Besh. Over the weeks of the competition, Besh was consistently at the top of the group while Symon was hit-or-miss. In the finale, Symon served up grainy filling in his raviolis and two dishes that were declared to be underseasoned. What did he need to do to lose? (But wait, one of the judges did blab that Symon was the 2-to-1 favorite going into the competition.) Since the finale was staged in the kitchen stadium, why wasn't the usual taste-plating-originality points system used?
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