Iron Chef Japan

Season 3 Episode 14

Pike Eel

Aired Daily 11:00 PM Unknown on Fine Living

Episode Recap

Morimoto versus Yoshimi Tanigawa Kyoto's Gion festival inspires the Chairman to find a Kyoto cuisine expert. The combatants must create dishes focused on the flavor of the pike conger. Guests (in booth): Yukiyo Toake (Actress) Tsurutaro Katoaka (Actor) Guests (joining them at the judge's table): Tenmei Kanoh (Photographer) Yoshiko Ishii (Chanson Singer) Theme: Pike Conger Eel Dishes: Challenger -- (6): Pike Eel Appetizer in Ground Cherries Grilled Pike Eel, Yoshino Style Grilled Pike Eel with Seafood Sauce Pike Eel Shabu Shabu Pike Eel in Rice Soup, Curry Flavor Bone Crackers & Tea Iron Chef -- (6) Pike Eel Pasta Pike Eel Dip, Italian Style Pike Eel & Water Shield Pike Eel Stew, Korean Style Spicy Fried Pike Eel Pike Eel Rice Winner: Challenger Yoshimi Tanigawa Score: Kanoh, Toake, Kataoka, Ishii Challenger: 19, 17, 20, 18 Iron Chef: 17, 16, 19, 17