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  • Japanese people have different taste

    How can Asian people judge who cooked better food when it comes to European food v European/Asian fusion food, of course the Iron chef will win, bring in some European people to judge who cooks European food better
  • chefs compete to see whos food is better

    my opinion, skip this show unless you are desperately in need of entertainment, especially now that there is an American version. the whole concept of he show is great, but the subtitles and the translating really get on my nerves. the chairman is kinda creepy, especially when shatters a glass cuz he squeezes it 2 hard. and, why would you want to wear pajamas on national television?
  • Nice show

    I love Iron Chef. What an idea for a show!! I love the premise of bringing renowned chefs from all over Japan and the world to challenge Chairman Kaga's Iron Chefs, and to have them create dishes on the spot using the theme ingredient announced at the beginning. It's also fun to listen to the play-by-play announcing; you'd think this was a sports events.

    The fact that these chefs can prepare 4-6 dishes on the spot in one hour attests to their amazing skills and imagination, especially when an Iron Chef of one cooking style is confronted with a theme ingredient they normally don't use. I wish I was there to taste some of their amazing creations.

    What astounds me about the show is how seriously some challengers take this, like the Italian expatriate chefs and their battles against Iron Chef Italian Masahiko Kobe, and the Ohta Factions' (a society of Japanese chefs who are staunchly traditional in their cooking techniques) war against Iron Chef Japanese Masaharu Morimoto.

    I can't wait for IC3 next month. My local cable company just recently added the Food Network, so I didn't see the original Bobby Flay/Morimoto contest. After watching what Morimoto has done in previous episodes, I really can't see Flay winning. I've also thought about whether Emeril would someday appear on Iron Chef, but I think he's a bit too laidback for something as tense and fast-paced as this.
  • This show leaves you wondering if there is more to food than life itself.

    This show leaves you wondering if there is more to food than life itself. It showcases, often times, unique blending of ingredients, or amazing cooking techniques.
    Each episode involves a chef of high recommendation, to challenge one of the 4 Iron Chefs to a culinary competition. Each Iron Chef are grand masters who have earned high reputations in their culinary skills. Each challenge revolves around a theme: a specific ingredient or festival.
  • Each week, a professional chef is chosen by the chairman of a cooking academy, to face off in culinary battle with one of their team of top chefs to complete a full-course meal in one hour, each dish featuring the secret ingredient revealed at the last mi

    This show is so much fun. The ingredients are sometimes scary (eel innards, anyone?), the chefs 'way too serious, the commentary absurd ("Was that MILK he put in there???"), and the judges, for the most part, completely unqualified. My favorite is the psychic. Why doesn't she just tell us who will win and save everyone the trouble? The kitchen is stocked with the best of absolutely everything and the secret ingredient can sometimes be obscenely expensive (I'm not going to hold my own truffle battle anytime soon). It's like the Fantasy Island of cooking. Sometimes the winner cries. I should ask a boxing fan, if I knew one, if the winner cries. It's awesome.
  • Two duelists face off, but only one can emerge champion. Watch as two brave warriors fight using only their ...... frying pans?

    I do not really enjoy reality shows, but Iron Chef is one of the few that can maintain my interest. Why is that? Because I don't have to tune in each week to know what is going on and because the concept was so original. Two guys competeting to prepare the greatest meal... it's fun, interesting, instructive, and not designed to simply torture the competetors. Famous chefs get to test their skills on tv as they create amazing dishes. Ingredients that always seemed so limited before suddenly explode with possibilites. And even though the battle between two chefs can be fierce with their reputations on the line, no one leaves completely humiliated but only with a will to defeat their opponent next time.

    If you ever just need to kill an hour, watch this show. There is no long term commitment and it can perhaps inspire some of us lazy viewers to be a bit more daring in the kitchen.
  • Off the Wall (in a good way)

    It's very hard to describe the appeal of the show (it's very Japanese). It may have been culture shock the first few times I watched it; but after that I was hooked. It's interesting to watch the chefs prepare things that you'd never see in North America and the voice-over for the show is both charming and humorous. This is a Japanese show, so of course everyone was speaking Japanese originally.

    You have your main commentators and of course the guest 'celebrities'. Apparently Japan has even worse taste then America when picking their celebrities. There were a lot of airhead actresses (like a Japanese version of Paris Hilton).

    And naturally my favorite part of the show was watching Chairman Kaga (he's very quirky and charismatic). The judging of the dishes is also a favorite. Some of the judges seem extremely unqualified and the translated comments were on occasion very funny.

    It is the competition aspect of the show that sets it apart from your standard cooking show.
  • Iron Chef is a Japanese cooking show where there are three expert chefs in French, Chinese and Japanese cuisine who have 60 minutes to make better dishes with the chosen ingredient than their challenger.

    The dishes are then judged by a team of moderators and the glitzy Chairman Kaga then announces the winner. I think this is one of the best cooking shows there are; the fast – paced competition makes it exiting, the Chairman makes it entertaining and the Japanese proverbs make Iron Chef culturally enriching. Although the naff American interpreters slightly ruin the show's ethnicity, the Chairman still freely talks his native language and provides amusing gestures and conveyance. There is no risk of seeing baked beans on toast in this show; all of the gourmet meals have never been made nor tasted before which makes them not only a visual treat but privilege to see. Perhaps the only bad point is because the show runs for 60 minutes they must heavily edit it to a shorter time so following along with the food preparation at home would be impossible. But overall this is the finest cooking show going around and let's hopes it continues well into the future.
  • Ready, set, cook! The culinary arts turn into a riveting battle in this offbeat Japanese series.

    Ever wonder what would happen if the chefs of top restaurants had to meet each other in a contest for the only accolades that count--the smiles and compliments of their guests? This show makes it possible.

    Each time, a guest cook must select an opponent from among the best names in upscale dining. The master of ceremonies assigns a central dish and both competitors must concoct a number of recipes based around it. These can range from simple roasts, to custards topped by a slice of fish, to fruit stews--you name it, they'll try to do it. When all is said and done, the anxious stars must earn good marks from the panel of judges, or it's 'thanks, but no thanks.'

    Far better than your average 'now lift the pan so you don't burn the sauce' exercise in cheerless kitchen mastery. 'Iron Chef' is fun no matter what's for dinner tonight.
  • The "Iron Chef" is probably not one of your most common TV cooking shows. A show consist of a cook, kitchen, a pretty well done-up chef and of course the dish. "Iron Chef" takes this simple process and adds a twist, competition! So get rea

    Head to head cooking has got to be the best thing since sliced bread! OK, I might be over reacting, but it does take an ordianary cooking lesson and make it fun. For example, the chefs have no idea what their main ingredient is until the show begins. Whereas these everyday cook show chefs have plenty of time to go over every fine detail that goes into their recipes. Also, each Iron Chef not only has to prepare a main dish. Not only is there a main course, but they are to prepare a five course meal. You would think it stops there, but actually they have to execute these dishes within an allotted time and then be judged.
    Everything from peaches to squid you will never know what the show is going to bring and I think that is where the excitement begins. You'll enjoy this great show and want more once you have seen it!
  • Gourmet geniuses

    Cooking shows may sound lame, but when you're young and bored certain things catch your eye. Iron Chef caught mine. The dubbing is hilarious and great, the camera angles are over-dramatic and the Iron Chef battles beautifully executed.

    They show you everything from the secret ingredient ( if it's a live animal it will be killed on camera ) to the words of the Iron Chef as he cooks and all the methods. These men (and women) are true geniuses. They have no idea what the secret ingredient will be, they are given it and they must come up with a new dish from the top of their head.

    During all this they have to make the presentation nice and the dish original as well as great tasting. An incredible burden on the Chefs and when they win you feel a sense of joy for them especially during the much tearful wins of certain emotional chefs like Sakai or Morimoto
  • Commonly reffered to as being the hybrid of pro-wrestling and Jamie Oliver (who has nothing on these men), the result is outstanding. Entertaining, funny, amazing and sometimes disgusting, this show, is absolutely fabulous.

    Rokusaburo Michiba (Japan), Chen Kenichi (China) & Hiroyuki Sakai (France) are the three main Iron Chefs, the invincible men of culinary steel. Each week, a new challenger who is usually a head chef of some kind enters kitchen stadium (on an invite from Chairman Takeshi Kaga) and picks and Iron Chef to battle with. Chairman Kaga then picks an ingredient (no matter how rare, awful or delicious it may seem) and instructs the two men (or women) to do battle within one hour.

    Within this hour, the Iron Chefs and challengers yell at assistants, themselves, the interviewer "Ota" & their utensils, and create a number of great looking, tasting and imaginative dishes to get judged by a panel of selected people. The winner is selected, and if the challenger wins (very rare occasion), they bask in the glory that they actually HAVE beaten an Iron Chef.

    The format of the show is condensed, and the full hour of cooking is indeed not shown in it's entirety, however the editing is very well done and not noticed very much at all.

    The commentary has received much publicity due to it's over-the-top style (on the American version). Corny accents and expressions (man alive!) make for interesting viewing, and always keeps the viewer entertained.

    But when you're not listening to the over-the-top american accents, you'll be focusing on the abilities and talent of all the chefs, and the way they can create delicious looking meals out of fish innards, and sea urchin roe (sea urchin eggs).

    The Iron Chefs each have their own particular area that they excel most in, with Kenichi being a Sezchuan expert (his father is the man of this style of cooking), Sakai being a deserts and decorations expert (his French cooking really pays off) and Michiba creating excellent looking soups (but Michiba is often named the best Iron Chef and is good all around), and hence, they all make formidable foes for the challengers to take on.

    With the Iron Chefs talents, the last 10 minutes is always a scramble, and is bound to be edge of the seat stuff. The comes the tasting. The horrid dubbing of American accents is hilarious here. The voice actors attempt to create the sounds of the Japanese tasters saying "mmmm, this is good" and so forth, and create the sound effects that go along with them, outrageous. After this, the piano music cuts in, the winner is announced and the Iron Chef is over again for another week.

    This show is amazing, it's entertaining, it's brilliant and fully deserves the 9.4 that it got.

    Michiba all the way!
  • A lot of Japanese TV doesn't translate to America...

    In the past decade American TV producers have realized that Japan is a fertile market when it comes to TV programs that can be purchased, translated and sold to America's ever-expanding cable TV market. Some shows succeed by lampooning the originals or by changing the premise to something more American. Iron Chef, fortunately, manages to avoid that and makes the transition to American television in a way that both preserves and honors the integrity of the original program.

    In any language, Iron Chef is a good show that holds viewers' attention throughout the competition and the judging. The premise is easy to understand and the action is always exciting. Viewers can come in at virtually any point of the show and pick up on the action as though it were a true sporting event. It is a simple premise that makes great TV.

    I especially like that the fact that the American producers acknowledge the show's foreign origins. Through the inclusion of small details, such as subtitling rather than dubbing "Chairman Kaga's" monologues into spoken English, they really enhance the overall production. The Food Network could have taken the lower road and played this show for laughs, but I'm glad they didn't. The end result is a great show that the whole family can watch together.
  • A great show!

    I wish they would bring new episodes. The new season is horrible. I like this one much better. I used to watch it on fridays and on weekends. I you havent reviewed it yet you should. The only thing i didnt like was we never really got to see iron chef italian to compete that many times.
  • I,Iron Chef William Carl Egan and my Team Challenge You, Iron Chef Masahuru Morimoto and Team to a Culinary Competition in Iron Chef Japan Studios!

    I,Iron Chef William Carl Egan and Team,Challenge You, Iron Chef Morimoto and Team to a Culinary Competition in Iron Chef Studios Japan!

    I'm thinking about Iron Chef Japan vs. Iron Chef China. Chairman Kaga, what do you think about this. I would love to see this. Please let me know your thoughts on this topic. I know that no one has yet to master your Iron Chefs and that you decided to discontinue the competitions. I miss your expertise and mastery of superlative foods and presentatins that your master iron chefs performed. Your nephew does a wonderful performance here in America also, but nothing like Japan.
  • An awsome show!

    Iron Chef is an Japanase cooking show.Where challenger's challenge the iron chef to see who is better.With the main ingrident and the time clock they have 45 minitues to spare.This show is awsome! I used to watched this show on Food Network.But I still watch the show on youtube.This show is cool too.All the ingridiants are awsome even what they cook.It always taken me by surprise on what creation they had done.Everytime,I watch the food tasting I wished I could try one! Iron Chef this japanase show can be seen battling in France,Belgium and Hong Kong.Even though I had not seen the Beigum or Hong Kong battle.Lets not forget here in New York City!

    My favorite chef is Chen! Even though the show has ended.There is Iron Chef America.I wish they had Iron Chef Japanase on DVD!
  • iron chef is a great cooking show

    Iorn chef is a very good show. It takes chefs from all around and puts them in battles aganst the iron chefs. The iron chef s are some of the best chefs in japan. The chef start a battle after they get the theme ingredient. the ingredient can be anything from something that is used every day to something hardly ever used in normall cooking. Some of the ingredients are very expensive as in that for that they cost hundreds of dollars for just a little bit of it. I like iron chef and i hope in reading this that you will watch it and like it.
  • the original iron chef is my favorite show and IRON CHEF AMERICA SUCKS!!!-- here's why...

    This show looks so corney but little did i know the genius that pulled me in, i could live w/o the chairmen and the judgement but the cooking is phenominal and so enriching. This show has done so well, they made the "american" iron chef but they shouldnt have messed with the set up, elton brown (i love elton) has to carry the whole show because the guy that is kitchen side is so cocky he cant get passed trying to think how he will commentate instead of letting elton do his job and just be the guy next to the kitchen finding out whats in the dish, take away the mic's from the chefs for goodness sake, batali is so full of himself its a real put off and the way they cover the voice of the REAL KING of all iron chefs morimoto (he knows english and they cover his voice like to say he doesnt know it well enough for people to understand) is so disrespectful. they truley took a great show and mascared it american style, the judges are pretentious instead of likeable and the chairmans nephew or whatever is so fake and cocky. bobby flay, is he a relative of food network somehow because he gets all these shows and the only thing he does is make sauces and act like a spoiled rich kid from new york, NO IRON CHEF. either go back to the origianl iron chef style that works or do everyone a favor and get off the name- you are giving it a bad rap.
  • i love this show so much!

    this show is worth watching every night, it's educational and exciting and at times, funny. if you watch it enough you will be a food guru and have favorite chefs. it is one of my favorite shows that i discovered on my own. it's a true treasure that people of all ages can enjoy.
  • A fast-paced, entertaining cooking show. Originally in Japanese, but has been dubbed over with English-speaking commentators.

    Iron Chef is fun, fast-paced, and interesting. Chefs compete against the greatest chefs in Japan, the Iron Chefs. Contestants are given a theme ingredient and must prepare several dishes, according to their style of cooking, using that ingredient. They have one hour to come up with dishes that will wow the judges and allow them to win the competition.

    One of the downsides of this show, I believe, is that the challenger rarely ever wins. Most of the time, the judges favor the Iron Chef's dishes. Many times the judges will criticize the Iron Chef and compliment the challenger highly, yet give the win to the Iron Chef. On the whole, however, this is an entertaining show.
  • Allez Cuisine!

    A show that sparked the intersted in many tv food fans. A show that likely helped but the food network on the map forever.

    A show dubbed over in English where food battles take place in a kitchen where 4 Iron Chefs battle competitors in preparing food which is judged at the end of the show on a judge panel. The winner gains fame and pride while the loser walks away with nothing.

    The show came to a natural end, but not before it made an impact in the US where the show eventually aired a special that took place in the good old USA.
  • What's funnier than watching a bunch of Japanese guys going all out in the kitchen? Add a very eccentric host who likes to eat bellpeppers and you've got the perfect food show.

    I must thank this show for inspiring me to pursue the culinary arts. I now know more about cooking than any of my friends combined. At first view this show was just plain hilarious. But the results of the chefs\\\' hard work and preparation at the end were truly magnificent and after that I was inspired. I admit, the American version isn\\\'t up to par with it\\\'s Japanese counterpart, but one day, I\\\'d love to be a part of that show.