Iron Chef Japan

Daily 11:00 PM on Fine Living Premiered Aug 01, 1993 In Season


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  • The "Iron Chef" is probably not one of your most common TV cooking shows. A show consist of a cook, kitchen, a pretty well done-up chef and of course the dish. "Iron Chef" takes this simple process and adds a twist, competition! So get rea

    Head to head cooking has got to be the best thing since sliced bread! OK, I might be over reacting, but it does take an ordianary cooking lesson and make it fun. For example, the chefs have no idea what their main ingredient is until the show begins. Whereas these everyday cook show chefs have plenty of time to go over every fine detail that goes into their recipes. Also, each Iron Chef not only has to prepare a main dish. Not only is there a main course, but they are to prepare a five course meal. You would think it stops there, but actually they have to execute these dishes within an allotted time and then be judged.
    Everything from peaches to squid you will never know what the show is going to bring and I think that is where the excitement begins. You'll enjoy this great show and want more once you have seen it!