Iron Chef Japan

Daily 11:00 PM on Fine Living Premiered Aug 01, 1993 In Season


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  • the original iron chef is my favorite show and IRON CHEF AMERICA SUCKS!!!-- here's why...

    This show looks so corney but little did i know the genius that pulled me in, i could live w/o the chairmen and the judgement but the cooking is phenominal and so enriching. This show has done so well, they made the "american" iron chef but they shouldnt have messed with the set up, elton brown (i love elton) has to carry the whole show because the guy that is kitchen side is so cocky he cant get passed trying to think how he will commentate instead of letting elton do his job and just be the guy next to the kitchen finding out whats in the dish, take away the mic's from the chefs for goodness sake, batali is so full of himself its a real put off and the way they cover the voice of the REAL KING of all iron chefs morimoto (he knows english and they cover his voice like to say he doesnt know it well enough for people to understand) is so disrespectful. they truley took a great show and mascared it american style, the judges are pretentious instead of likeable and the chairmans nephew or whatever is so fake and cocky. bobby flay, is he a relative of food network somehow because he gets all these shows and the only thing he does is make sauces and act like a spoiled rich kid from new york, NO IRON CHEF. either go back to the origianl iron chef style that works or do everyone a favor and get off the name- you are giving it a bad rap.