Iron Man (1994)

Season 2 Episode 13

Hands of the Mandarin (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1996 on

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  • The best episode in the series!

    The final showdown between Iron Man and the Mandarin, and it didn't dissapointed me! While I watched the first season, I hated Mandarin, because he looked like such a lame villain. Like something that Power Rangers fight. Believe me, that's an insult! But here, it is different! This episode's got dynamic, suspence, and most of all, something we waited during the entire show - to see Iron Man, literally beating the crap out of Mandarin! In this episode, Stark finally showed some negative emotions. He was really determined to destroy Mandarin. While he did the job almost routinely in the 1st season, he finally showed here how he despise Mandarin, and how he WANTS to defeat him once and for all - (example: IM's conversation with Modok about why does Modok still serves Mandarin). Awesome episode, and a great finale! A+!