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  • Iron Man and his (more or less) secret alter-ego Tony Stark in new adventures translated from comics to TV.

    Compared to the 1966 series, this was more like the show I would like to see. I remember seeing the last 13 episodes when I was younger - and back then I loved them. Such an air of nostalgia came back to me with the theme song (which is nothing short of magical and amazing).

    The characters are nothing out of the ordinary, and when some information needs to paid attention to, it is almost underlined so no one will miss it.

    The stories and their structure are good, though, and the animation is pleasing to the eye - as is the voice acting to the ears.

    Definitely worth checking out for anyone who likes Marvel's heroes.
  • From the studio that brought us X-Men, Spiderman, and The Incredible Hulk, comes Iron Man. Anothe Marvel Comic action cartoon from Fox, however this one is overloaded with too many characters.

    Sorry, but I just couldn't get into this show. Iron Man will always be a second-stringer in the Marvel Universe. The comic is alot better than this show is. They say a hero is only as good as his villains. But this green elf dude is pretty darn lame. Mandarin has these rings that give him power (like captain planet). And he's got a team of guys even lamer than him- Grey Gargoyle, Living Laser? And some talking brain thing that reminds me of Craing from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I know all this is from the comics, but may it just doesn't translate to TV well. Iron Man isn't as deep as X-Men, and not as endearing as Spiderman. Pass. You'll only get a head ache trying to follow this one.
  • iron man a really good cartoon that was told from the comic book.

    iron man was a good cartoon and it had alot of action scenes and had really good stories . anyway the show obivious as you know it if you know iron man like have read the old comics or even the new comics the nyou should know the show its stories taking from the comics and turned into a cartoon. iron man is about tony stark who is a billion air who made a suit to help fight crime .aginst his arich rival manderain. its a great show i was one that read alot of the comics so i usedto watch the show all the time. anway its a great show and i gave it a 8.
  • season two was the best

    this was a pretty good show for the early 90's. the animation was pretty good, and the stories from season two were great. season one was not that hot. same old stuff every episode force works vs mandarin. in season two you had storylines plotted out over a few episodes. i think it should have stayed on tv longer but it got cancelled after two seasons. i wonder if it will ever come to dvd.
  • Needs fine tuning ,but it's OK.

    It's needless to say ,that that the first season was a disaster ,so I won't talk about it much here. The second season ,on the other hand ,was very good. Maybe even underappreciated. They really tried to fix the mess they've done with the first season. Why did the Mandarin was a villain in every episode? There are lot of good villains out there in Marvel universe ,who deserved to appear. They got rid of the Force Works in the 2nd season ,which was very good. The problem about that was that they didn't know back then that FW will become so unpopular and that they will be canceled soon. The music ,unlike the one from the 1st season ,was much better ,and also the plotlines. Tony in the 1st season didn't show much feelings at all. Infact ,none of the characters didn't. But in the 2nd season ,he became more sarcastic ,and more funny. If they did one more season ,without corny costumes and villains ,it would be much more appreciated.
  • A good series that could be better.

    The series introduced a lot of superheroes, including Spider-Woman, Hawkeye and Century.
    Also, a lot of supervillains are present: Dreadknight, Hypnotia and Modock.
    The first season is good, but the second is a lot better.
    The series finale, the "Hands of the Mandarin" two-parter is probably the best episode of the entire series.
    This series aired alongside the Fantastic Four series as part of the Marvel Action Hour in 1994-1995.
  • Skip to season 2. Trust me.

    Looking at Iron Man, one wonders what substance the writers were under the influence of. Virtually every episode was the same, with Force Works facing off against Mandarin and his horde of super villains. It got terribly stale, and no one complained when season 2 shook things up, got rid of Force Works, and introduced the amazing Adapting Armor, which let Iron Man access his entire arsenal from afar. It was a brilliant master stroke, one that regretably has not made it to the comics as of yet.

    If there's any complaint about the show as a whole, it's that we never got to see the astoundingly awesome looking Samurai Armor in action. A shame, too, since it was a great toy, and the best armor design of all featured.
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