Iron Man (1994)

(ended 1996)





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  • Needs fine tuning ,but it's OK.

    It's needless to say ,that that the first season was a disaster ,so I won't talk about it much here. The second season ,on the other hand ,was very good. Maybe even underappreciated. They really tried to fix the mess they've done with the first season. Why did the Mandarin was a villain in every episode? There are lot of good villains out there in Marvel universe ,who deserved to appear. They got rid of the Force Works in the 2nd season ,which was very good. The problem about that was that they didn't know back then that FW will become so unpopular and that they will be canceled soon. The music ,unlike the one from the 1st season ,was much better ,and also the plotlines. Tony in the 1st season didn't show much feelings at all. Infact ,none of the characters didn't. But in the 2nd season ,he became more sarcastic ,and more funny. If they did one more season ,without corny costumes and villains ,it would be much more appreciated.