Iron Man (1994) - Season 2

(ended 1996)




Episode Guide

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man
    Episode 14
  • Hands of the Mandarin (2)
    Having captured Iron Man and finally learned his true identity, the Mandarin lures the rest of Force Works into a trap. They crash-land at his Chinese citadel into a fight and only a powerless War Machine escapes. With the life-forces of Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Century and more, the Heart of Darkness will be able to create an anti-technology field big enough to encompass the entire planet forever. Jim frees a weakened Tony and with help from an ailing M.O.D.O.K., no less. Their only hope now is Su-Yin at Stark Enterprise's Hong Kong facility and a bio-energy micro-processor for a new suit of armor. Powered up, Iron Man blasts off to save the world from the Mandarin, but he is still going to need some help.moreless
  • Hands of the Mandarin (1)
    Possessing all of his rings once again, the Mandarin breaks into a United Nations Security Council meeting. His demands are simple – technology will be done away with, and he will rule an effectively primitive world. Naturally, if no one consents, he will make it happen with his anti-technology fields. To prove he can, he unleashes one that disables every piece of technology in New York City, including Iron Man's armor. Iron Man is in way over his head this time – meaning Force Works must be reunited. The team faces Backlash, Hypnotia, Whirlwind and Blizzard in Hong Kong, as well as begins piecing together the Mandarin's plan. Unfortunately, all is going according to that plan.moreless
  • Hulk Buster
    Hulk Buster
    Episode 11
    Strange energy disruptions bring lots of attention to the desert – Stark Enterprises, Bruce Banner and the Leader. The cause turns out to be a Mandarin ring and solar energy keeps setting it off. Julia gets blasted, but is not killed – merely sent to another time. Iron Man recovers the ring, but before things can be set right, it is stolen by the Leader's robots – bringing the villain's total to two. His plan is to change the outcome of the gamma bomb test that first created the incredible Hulk. Getting that ring back is top priority for Iron Man, Jim and Bruce, but chaos ensues. Iron Man and an angry Hulk end up traveling to different time periods. Fixing this whole mess requires Jim and H.O.M.E.R. to team-up with the untrustworthy Leader.moreless
  • Empowered
    Episode 10
    For some time, M.O.D.O.K. has been searching for the Mandarin's rings – all for his own gain, of course. He obtains one and not even Iron Man can stop him. M.O.D.O.K. also uses the ring to search for the remaining nine – only to see that the Mandarin is still alive and well into his own search. The Mandarin even finds M.O.D.O.K.'s mountain lair – getting up to eight rings overall. This is more than enough to allow him to see what adventures Iron Man has had since their last encounter, his current armor and his weaknesses. Meanwhile, Iron Man isn't happy about letting M.O.D.O.K. get away. He and H.O.M.E.R. try to find him – completely unaware of what is brewing.moreless
  • The Armor Wars (2)
    The Armor Wars (2)
    Episode 9
    Iron Man's quest to disable all armored warriors continues – seeing him go against heroes like Stingray and even War Machine. With Iron Man's public image in tatters, Justin Hammer moves ahead with the next part of his plan – Firepower, a powerful and automated battle robot. Armed to the teeth and protected against the negators, Firepower is way too much for Iron Man. The only way out is for him to publicly fake his death. Tony intends to put his days as Iron Man behind him, but then a sudden string of attacks against Stark Enterprises occurs. The 'missing' Firepower is responsible – acting on Hammer's orders. With no other choice, Tony must suit up as Iron Man again and in new exo-armor.moreless
  • The Armor Wars (1)
    The Armor Wars (1)
    Episode 8
    Russia faces political instability and even civil war – forcing Iron Man to help keep the wrong people out of power. A more powerful Crimson Dynamo awaits him, as well as a nuclear accident. A later study of Crimson Dynamo's armor reveals that it had been enhanced with Tony's own armor secrets. Tony doesn't understand how this could've happened, but he's more concerned with who else may now have his technology. With negators and a list of armored warriors in hand, a guilt-ridden Iron Man sets out to make sure no one ever gets hurt because of his technology again. Unfortunately, he obsessively targets people on both sides of law – slowly turning Jim, Julia and public opinion against him.moreless
  • Distant Boundries
    Distant Boundries
    Episode 7
    An automated ship from Elysian nearly crashes on Earth and surprisingly has a message for Iron Man. Elysian is under siege from Dark Aegis, who Iron Man has defeated before. The ship is programmed to return home in about two hours and Iron Man intends to be aboard. Along for the ride is War Machine, as he feels the need to prove himself and face his fears. This still won't be easy, especially when Titanium Man sneaks aboard at the last moment. By the time they all arrive to Elysian, Dark Aegis is done – leaving no survivors and massive desolation. He did so with his Oracle weapon, and he has a stunning offer for Iron Man. War Machine has troubles of his own, as he must either face his fears head-on or perish.moreless
  • Iron Man, on the Inside
    Tony and Julia have to fly to Detroit, but on their way out, they run into Clint – who is rather bitter over Force Works' breakup. A bigger problem looms during takeoff, however, when Ultimo suddenly attacks. Iron Man and Hawkeye take him down, but the latter's spine is severely injured in the process. A new, advanced neurochip can repair the injury, but it is not possible to implant via surgery. The only option is for someone to use Stark Enterprises' Molecular Expander in reverse and that someone is Iron Man. The soon-tiny hero quickly gets to it and braves Hawkeye's body to succeed, while Julia monitors him. Problem is, the mysterious Hacker ensures further trouble from Ultimo and even hacks into H.O.M.E.R..moreless
  • Beauty Knows No Pain
    Julia visits a Cairo subway construction site and all appears fine. However, a cave-in inexplicably occurs and some – like Julia – don't get out safely. Some digging uncovers an underground chamber where they might be and Tony personally heads down there. Old feelings in the form of Madame Masque await him, as do her prisoners and the Maggia. Madame Masque has done all this to get Tony to perform one simple task – retrieve the Eye of Isis, which can heal her disfigured face. Blackmailed, Iron Man braves deadly traps to get it for her. Unfortunately, Madame Masque getting the Eye of Isis will unleash a danger too great for Iron Man to handle alone.moreless
  • Not Far from the Tree
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is out to track A.I.M. transmissions – requiring assistance from Iron Man and Stark Enterprises. They do access one transmission, but no one can believe who its originator is – the very much alive and captive Walter Stark. Iron Man gets Walter back to Stark Enterprises and his identity is completely verified, but that's hardly the end of it. Painful issues exist between father and son, and there are questions over how A.I.M. got Walter in the first place. Unfortunately, with the latter, Nick Fury may've been involved – which endangers Stark Enterprises' relationship with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Meanwhile, A.I.M. is up to something big – requiring the services of the Crimson Dynamo.moreless
  • Cell of Iron
    Cell of Iron
    Episode 3
    Dum Dum Dugan informs Iron Man that an empty Chinese school was destroyed by an energy blast from space. A.I.M. is claiming responsibility and promises even greater destruction if their demands aren't met. Iron Man intends to stop them – detecting the Star Well space station near Earth and encountering its guardian, Sunturion. A.I.M. did aid in its construction, but scientist and station owner Arthur Dearborn is hardly a member. Nonetheless, there is something mysterious about him and his station. Bigger problems loom, as A.I.M. intends to make good on their threats by taking over the Star Well. Dearborn's refusal to abandon the Star Well further complicates matters for Iron Man.moreless
  • Fire and Rain
    Fire and Rain
    Episode 2
    War Machine helps in a simulated test of Stark Enterprises' new defense system, Goliath. A sudden power failure and reboot, however, arm the weapons for real – crippling his armor and sending him crashing into the water. Iron Man saves him, but nearly drowning has a traumatic effect on Jim. Meanwhile, this and other incidents for Stark Enterprises prove to be no accident. Firebrand announces that he is responsible and promises even greater trouble by midnight. An investigation reveals the reason behind this vendetta against Stark Enterprises, but can Iron Man defeat Firebrand and prevent great destruction? More importantly, will he have to act without War Machine?moreless
  • The Beast Within
    The Beast Within
    Episode 1
    Tony is nearly killed at least twice and the trail leads back to Justin Hammer, which means the Mandarin is up to something. As always, he wants Iron Man's armor, but his motives this time are murky. Fing Fang Foom and four well-known industrialists are also somehow involved. When Tony's plane is suddenly blown out of the sky, M.O.D.O.K. acquires Iron Man's armor torso. This and an alliance with Fing Fang Foom will supposedly give the Mandarin control of the world, but the dragon has an agenda of his own. The fate of the world ends up depending on both Iron Man and the Mandarin, but victory won't come without heavy prices for both.moreless