Iron Man (1994)

Season 2 Episode 8

The Armor Wars (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1995 on



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  • Quotes

    • Iron Man: if you fire that missile, you'll start World War Three!
      Crimson Dynamo: And from the ashes will rise a glorious worker's paradise.
      Iron Man: Oh, wake up and smell the borscht, Dynamo! People don't like rising from ashes! Drives up dry-cleaning bills!
      Crimson Dynamo: Contemptuous western stooge!

    • Iron Man: Hawkeye, believe me...I'm sorry.
      Hawkeye: If you think...kissing up's gonna cut're crazy!
      Iron Man: Crazy? that's entirely possible.

    • Iron Man: Why aren't you with the Forceworks, Hawkeye?
      Hawkeye: Took a leave of absence, just like you've taken leave of your senses! Care to talk about it?
      Iron Man: Not really.

    • Iron Man: Stilt Man, looks like you don't have a leg to stand on!

    • The Controller: You will obey!
      Iron Man: It's Christmas in July, slave-maker. Obey this!

    • Iron Man: Wrong room. Brain-washing is in room A.

    • Crimson Dynamo: Iron Man! What are you doing here?
      Iron Man: Don't make me say it: I missed you!

    • The Controller: You will obey me!
      Iron Man: Only if I get a dog biscuit. (punches him)

  • Notes

    • Julia wears her business suit in this episode.

    • The armored suits referred to as Mandroids are actually Guardsman armor. Mandroid armor are large and yellow, the Guardsman armor is human sized and green.

    • Based on Iron Man v1 #225-232.

    • Although Blizzard and Blacklash's suits are neutralised by Iron Man, The Mandarin will provide them with exact copies in "Hands of the Mandarin" (1).

    • Final appearance of Crimson Dynamo.

    • Grey Gargoyle makes his final appearance on the show as a cameo inside the Vault prison when Iron Man walks through it.

    • The Beetle was an enemy of The Thing, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Spider-Man and Daredevil villain in the comics, he later goes straight; after the villain group, the Thunderbolts, (the group that he was in) disbanded.

    • The armored warriors attacked in this episode include the Controller, the Beetle (who had previously attacked Stark on Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends), Stiltman (early enemy of Daredevil), Blizzard, Backlash, and the Mandroids.

  • Allusions

    • Tony: Alas, poor Yuri. I knew him...well.
      Tony is referencing the line from the play Hamlet, that originally went, "Alas, poor Yorick, I knew him well." For this instance Tony substitutes "Yorick" for "Yuri", the fourth version of the Crimson Dynamo's real first name. The further make reference to the play, Tony holds Crimson Dynamo's helmet similar to how Hamlet is depicted when holding Yorick's skull.

    • The Beetles
      When the Beetle speaks in this episode, he speaks in a similar manner to the members of the popular '60s rock and roll band the Beetles. Although he mostly comes off sounding like Paul McCartney