Iron Man (1994)

Season 1 Episode 13

The Wedding of Iron Man

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 1994 on



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    • Mandarin: Iron Man?
      Justin: But he's supposed to be Stark!
      MODOK: Evidently, no one told him that!

    • Clint: The Armory monitor's got more bug gunk on it then a sunburnt boy scout at a jamboree in the everglades!
      Century: As startling as this may be, I find myself in complete agreement with you, Clint.

    • Tony: When the bug came in contact with the Armory monitor, it must have affected the rate of electrical conductivity!
      Clint: Right. Can I send away for the brouchure to explain what you just said?

    • MODOK: (To Mandarin) Why do you insist on watching sickening repeat performances of our past failures? I would sooner watch reruns of Gilligan's Island in Norwegian!
      justin: Yes, I too find this to be a major league bummer!
      Hypnotia: Ooh, Justin, that sounded so... contemporary!
      Justin: (Chuckles) I'm delighted you think so, my dear.

    • MODOK: You broke my birdy!

    • Mandarin: Your raven seems to have some affection for you, MODOK.
      Hypnotia: Yes, every raven loves a cuckoo!
      Justin: MODOK, a cuckoo? Oh, Hypnotia, you are a scream!
      MODOK: Yes, I must tell David Letterman that you're available for a guest spot!

    • Jim: Until we find The Mandarin's bug, this place is a glass house, and we're walking around without any pants!

    • Century: It never rains in southern California. I heard that in a song, so it must be true.
      Clint: Right, songs never lie. just like "Yes, we have no bananas!"
      Century: In my galaxy, songs always represent truth, therefore I resent condescension.

  • Notes

    • Clips from "Rejoice! I am Ultimo, thy Deliverer!", "Despair My companion, Death my destination", "Data in, Chaos out", "Defection of Hawkeye", "Origin of Iron Man" Parts one and two, and "Iron Man to the Second Power" Part One feature in this episode.

    • Final appearance of Living Laser.

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