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2 things about the show

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    [1]Jun 24, 2012
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    1. A personal thing, but I LOVE Dr. Doom's voice effect on the show. Mostly that subtle deep reverberation in his voice that makes him sound incredibly badass.

    2.I'm curious about the 10 Rings. Mostly if they are powerful enough together to essentially rewrite reality, I don't see why they can't live forever with it. Possibly there's some other reason he split them up?

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    Well, part of me is wondering if Gene is hoping that with all 10 rings he can bring his mother back from the dead.

    I also imagine that bringing all 10 rings together would do something that Gene doesn't suspect. Like either bring back the original Mandarin or otherwise bring people from the Mandarin's alien race. Like either from their planet as an invasion or an alien prison break or something.

    Maybe they needed / wanted Earth to become advanced enough before they'd come. Finding all of the rings spread around the globe like that (and making the trek) would require something more advanced than "the old days" of the original Mandarin. I mean, without it taking generations (obviously they understood "maps" and "boats" back then).

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