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  • Cool show

    That's all I can say.
  • Awesome Cartoon Show, i want it back

    I can't wait please make more episodes, there are fans here!
  • Spider-Man's Existance in the show

    The show Iron Man: Armored Adventures is great. But I was thinking how would Spider-Man look like in the series. After all teenager Tony Stark reminds me of Peter Parker during his teenage years. If Spider-Man was in the iron Armored Adventures series it would be cool. Plus Tony would invent the Iron Spider armor just for Spidey to use.
  • A great show based on the comic, Iron Man.


    Plot: Iron Man, AKA Tony Starks. Is a supergenius that invented alot of brilliant inventions and weapons, and his own battlesuit to fight crime and evil.

    Characters: They are detailed very carefully and great. VA is great too.

    Action value: Good action! Very dynamic for me.

    Art: Could use an improvement on animation, but the art is very fine.

    Overall: 9.5. One the shows that are good to watch.

    For all the crappy shows that have been coming out this is one of the best! I hope there's more to come
  • almost made it

    this series was certainly not the best in theline up but it was entierly bad iether.this show had so much potential butfailed to meet expectations.the cg animation seemed like a slightly better version than any cgi found in the 90s.the stories were always intriguing but seemed lacking every time.i was upset to hear wolverine and the xmen was canceled but this got another season.
  • Not a big fan of comic book heroes, but i LOVE this show.

    I was very hesitant to watch this show. In fact, the first time I saw the commercial for Iron Man Armored Adventure, I thought it would be a show I would never bother watching. But I was forced to sit down and watch it when my nephew came over. And I found out that the show wasn't so bad after all. So I kept tuning into the show, and every episode kept me coming back for more. Now I am addicted to it. I have the season pass bought on iTunes for the complete first season, and I watch the episodes constantly on my iPod at work. The graphics and voice acting for this show are done beautifully. This is probably one of the better cartoons out there when it comes to these aspects. The plot for the story is also very well laid out. And there are some hilarious lines in the show too. There is really only one thing I can't stand about this show. Or one person, I should say. I can't stand Pepper's character! I think she is the most annoying character on the face of the planet. She has gotten better as the show goes on, and I know that she is probably going to be the love interest for Tony, but I still think she is annoying. There are a couple of confusing things about the plot. Like how Tony survived the plane crash. I know that the Armor saved him somehow, but it never really explains if Tony got his heart implant from the armor, or how it happened. This is a show I would recommend to anyone, whether you have read the comics, seen the live action movie, or are a first time Iron Man fan, like I am. I really hope that Nicktoons sticks with this story, adn that we will see many more Iron Man Armored Adventures episodes in the future.
  • While there are a few problems, Iron Man: Armored Adventures packs a punch from start to finish.

    Nick has been doing terrible lately, with all of it's terrible shows. But the thing I liked was that Nicktoons was the one that was keeping up with the good shows. So after Nicktoons kept on advertising this show, I decided to take a look at it. While I can't say the show was perfect, it is a very enjoyable experience to look at. Iron Man: Armored Adventures follows the life of a boy named Tony Stark, and his friends, Pepper and Jim in their teen lives. While I can't say the premise is great, the way the plot is executed is. The characters aren't great, but they are developed in a well-known matter. The artwork does look pretty bad, but the animation flows very nicely and all the lip syncs are perfectly matched. The voices also fit the character's personalities very well. The action is also great and is very well executed. Most of the plots themselves are very interesting and executed great as well. There are two problems I have with this show, though. One would have to be Pepper. She is really annoying and is pretty much useless to the team. Another problem I have is some of the villains themselves. While most of them are good, some of them come off as uninspired and lame.

    There are some problems with this show, but that does not stop from being a huge success. The show is not the best thing to come to Nick, but it is a very good show to watch overall.

    Presentation: 8/10 The premise is not the best thing ever, but the inspired plots make up for that.

    Animation: 7/10 While I must say it looks rather ugly, it does flow very nice.

    Sound: 9.5/10 Sounds work very well, and the lip syncs are perfectly on cue.

    Entertainment: 8.5/10 The action itself is very breath taking, although some of the characters kind of ruin it.

    Lasting Appeal: 9/10 While this show is inferior to "Avatar: The Last Airbender", "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" is definitely worth a look. FINAL SCORE: 8.5/10 Nice
  • Has potential but may upset long time fans of the franchise

    Whether your a comic book geek or not yo've seen the live action Iron Man movie. EVERYONE has seen that movie it spent a couple of weeks at number one in the box office, completly destroyed the Speed Racer film, brought in major bucks, and was critcally aclaimed. Let's face it: we love the millionaire weapons techtican, Tony Stark and the suit he created to save himself from captivity. It only makes sense that Marvel Comics would turn Iorn Man into a TV series. This had been attempted in the 90s but many fans thought that the campy season one ruined the whole thing, so a totally new series was just what the doctor ordered for Stark fans everywhere, right? Wrong. Sorry comic lovers, you're beloved source material has been messed with. Lovers of the movie who never read the comics: same thing. The series has nothing to do with the live action movie, but is set in it's own continuity. Teenaged Tony Stark is a boy genius who's father runs Stark Industries. The company refuses to make weapons instead making tools for things like archology. Tony and his dad's plane crashes, but the iron man armor saves Tony's live. Tony now lives with Rhodey and is fighting to keep his and his father's designs from the hands of the current Stark Industries owner, who is Obesssed with weapons. We also meet a strangly talkive and BIZZARE teen dective wannabe AKA Pepper Pots. Now obviously, story elements: diffrent to the point they're unregonizable, it seems they took the whole thing from the wrong comic series. An action scene involves Iron Man saving a train subway/tram train from going off the tracks and this Tony is of course an orphaned teenager (sound familar and Spider-like?). The animation is done similar to Spider-man: the New Animated series (again, I love Spidey, but come on!) in that all backgrounds have that 3d feel. The character designs are a bit simplistic, but the transfromation scenes make up for this a bit and I have no complaints about voice acting. Some characterzation is a bit questionable though, Tony's father is WAY to much of a good doer from the get-go and the villians are slightly over the top (though the Mandrin's partrayal is OK). Rhodey's okay, no complaints there. Pepper's new hyper and eccentric attitude? Ahh...we'll have to see how it all plays out for now. The show still has potential but it may upset hardcore fans.
  • It was good in the pilot episode, but after that it just got really annoying.

    I have to give this show some credit for having a cool theme song. But besides that; Iron Man: Armored Adventures is just plain stupid. I gave it a shot, and in the pilot, It was really good and interesting. But the more and more it went on, the more bored I became. Disagree if you want; but even Wolverine and the X men, which is mind draining, is better to watch than this dumb thing. The animation grinds on your nerves after a while, and you end up changing the channel after the first 20 minutes of the first episode. I tried watching another episode, and it was worse. And i'm not a super hero fanatic, but didn't they totally mess up Tony's age? I thought he was older than a teenager when he became Iron man. Nicktoons Network can market this show all they want, but it'll still be terrible.
  • Seriously dude why is pepper even there I mean seriously Tony doesn't even acknowledge her.Obviously

    Seriously dude why is pepper even there I mean like seriously though Tony doesn't even acknowledge her. Obviously he cares for her. Just put them together already. Or put more episodes of Pepper and Tony together. P _ F a b u l o s i t y . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P_Fabulosity...
  • The first thing that you have to get past is the fact that Tony Stark is a teenager in this series. Once you've accepted that, the show is quite enjoyable. (especially compared to the last Iron Man series back in the 90's *shudders*)

    Like I said, the first thing you have to get past is Tony being a teen in this series. As such, they had to change his origin a little bit to coincide with this. First off, instead of suffering a severe heart injury during a kidnapping and being forced to build a destructive weapon, Tony is flying on a plane with his Father and the plane crashes. (we're expected to believe that Stane had something to do with this) Tony miraculously survives this, but he does get the aforementioned heart injury (good thing too, as it's one of the key components of his character).

    Anyway, since they removed the kidnapping, they didn't really need the character of Yinsen, so they removed him altogether. (pity, since he was such a good character in the film, but they may insert him later on)

    Other changes include Pepper's personality. If you're used to the movie version (a rather calm person who doesn't really stand out), Pepper's new hyperactive personality can be a bit jarring. (this does tone down a bit later on in the series, although that may be just me getting used to it) Anyway, she might take some getting used to, but she really is a solid character.

    They changed the Mandarin as well, but since his change is more or less part of the story, I'm going to let you find out on your own.

    Next up are the character designs. Having seen the character [villain] designs from the 90's series, the designs here are much improved. (can't understand why the Crimson Dynamo has white armor now, but whatever)

    The writing is solid, and so far, each episode has been fun to watch because of it.

    And finally, there's the theme song. I usually don't like very many theme songs that have lyrics, but this one rocks!

    All in all, I give it a 9 out of 10.
  • A great show

    This show,at first i hated it,but then i realized it wasnt that bad and then when i saew the season finale..i was amazed with it and the whole Makulauhn ring saga and the Madame Masque Saga.Since this is aimed at ages 6-12,it realy cant show alot of the stuff from the comics,like the Madame Masqeu`s eternal crazines(they touch on it in theb show,but in waterd down form).Pepper obviously needed to be toned down from her sophisticated woman figure from the comics.Rhodey is alot like Raven,exspecially with not trusting Gene.Gene, not a very good friend,he`s not,he`s a power obsseded maniac(peaple dont use that word anymore!lol).

    Well,this seious is one Might great series and it definetly competes with Wolverine and the x-men.

    Iron Man:Amored Adventures
  • Beats Batman: Brave and the Bold anyday!

    The marvel 3D series I saw was Spiderman: The New Animated Series and that was great. But with todays technology it just got a little bit better. With a new storyline to the Iron Man francise a 16 year old boy invents an armored suit. Before he shows his dad he dies in a plane crash. After the unfortante death Tony tries his suit and find that it is the best invention he has ever made. Everyone now is after his suit. As day by day Iron Man fights crime and saves the city from destruction. The animation is great, voice casts are well done and the story overtakes Spiderman majorly. I hope they continue to make the series and make it last more than one season unlike old MTVs Spiderman series. Good job Marvel and keep up the good work...
  • Show about a young super hero

    Iron Man Armoured Adventures replaced Chopsocky Chooks on the tv lineup and as i hate Chopsocky Chooks i hoped this move would be an improvement. Rather i got a Skyland like 3D animated show about some comic book hero who is a young boy who attends a school at a futuristic city. Tony Stark and his two friends have adventures in this futuristic metropolis of tall skyscrapers, maglev trains and hi tech equipment. In the first episode i felt rather confused as Stark's transformation into Iron Man felt not only unduly rushed (since i've never read the comic books i'm rating it against Spiderman's tv transformation which i thought was done well and realistically) but seemed hard to understand. The scenes seemed out of context with one another and i could barely understand just how he transformed. His friends are the typical two you'd expect. The girl will obviously be the love interest, like Kat from Dragon Booster, and the boy will undoubtedly be the loyal friend always sticking up for his mate. How nice and quaint. IMO this show is just another attempt at making an entertaining cartoon about a super hero, but quite frankly when compared with the original Spiderman series it pales in comparison, especially where music and graphics are concerned. Also Stark's motives seem slightly rebellious, and it would seem dangerous to portray a rebel set against the system as a hero.