Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series - Season 1

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  • Hands of the Mandarin, Part 2
    The Mandarin (Robert Ito) continues to carry out his nefarious plot. If he can get away with his scheme, the villain can shut down all the planet's technology, leaving Earth helpless and ready for attack. First, however, the Mandarin will have to kidnap Iron Man (Robert Hays) and his companions.
  • Hands of the Mandarin, Part 1
    Iron Man (Robert Hays) is determined to put a stop to the Mandarin (Robert Ito) and his dangerous plots. However, Iron Man unexpectedly loses his powers when he runs into the Mandarin's latest innovation: an anti-technology field. Hawkeye (John Reilly) comes to the rescue, but Iron Man will have to think fast to assemble a team of superheroes.moreless
  • Hulk Buster
    Hulk Buster
    Episode 24
    Julia (Casey Defranco) vanishes after an encounter a mysterious rift in time. Iron Man (Robert Hays) and Dr. Bruce Banner (Ron Perlman) work together to recover a lost ring belonging to the Mandarin (Robert Ito), hoping this will help Julia. However, after a surprise attack by robots, Iron Man instead winds up fighting to avoid a fatal time-traveling mix-up.moreless
  • Empowered
    Episode 23
    MODOK makes an unusual discovery regarding some mysterious rings. Shortly after, the Mandarin surprises MODOK, who is not happy to see him, and the Mandarin tries to take something from MODOK. Meanwhile, Iron Man is looking for MODOK. Will Iron Man find MODOK, or will he miss out on an opportunity to confront MODOK and the Mandarin together?moreless
  • The Armor Wars, Part 2
    Iron Man fights with Hawkeye while trying to get to the Stingray. Just as Iron Man reaches Stingray, he is confronted by the War Machine. Iron Man has to work fast to avoid being destroyed by the War Machine, and is threatened by Justin Hammer in the process. Can Iron Man defeat all his enemies before it is too late?moreless
  • The Armor Wars, Part 1
    Iron Man has to think quickly when something goes terribly wrong at Stark. Despite Iron Man's best efforts to fix the problem, everyone blames him for the damage that the technology caused. In an effort to make the situation better, Iron Man works on new technology. Julia and Rhodey try to reason with Iron Man, but he is determined to fix the problem his company caused.moreless
  • Distant Boundries
    Distant Boundries
    Episode 20
    Iron Man gets a secret message from a far away planet. Unable to ignore the message, Iron Man sets out to see what he can do for the sender. Titanium Man and War Machine join Iron Man on his mission to help the message sender, and are surprised when they finally find the place the message originated from. Can Iron Man help the sender of the message, or will he be too late?moreless
  • Iron Man, on the Inside
    Hawkeye is attacked while Tony and Julia are away. After escaping Ultimo's clutches, Iron Man tries to help Hawkeye, but runs into problems. Ultimo and H.O.M.E.R. have not given up on trying to capture Iron Man. Can Iron Man save his friend, or will he simply run out of time?
  • Beauty Knows No Pain
    When Tony's employees are in danger, in Cairo, he steps up to save them. However, when Tony realizes his ex-girlfriend, Madam Masque, is involved in the plot, he must rethink his strategy. With the help of Spider-Woman, and War Machine, Iron Man sets out to save his employees. Can Tony save his staff before it is too late?moreless
  • Not Far from the Tree
    Tony has never got over the supposed death of his father, Walter Stark. When he begins to get strange messages from an unknown source, he immediately suspects his father is behind the messagegs. Will Tony uncover the truth about his father's death? If he does, can he handle the truth?
  • Cell of Iron
    Cell of Iron
    Episode 16
    Iron Man travels in space to investigate an attack on a small school, in China. Before he began the investigation, Iron Man was sure that the culprit behind the attack was A.I.M. Upon further investigation, he is surprised to find out that it is actually someone completely different. Can Iron Man stop his new enemy before it causes anymore destruction?moreless
  • Fire and Rain
    Fire and Rain
    Episode 15
    Iron Man is trying to determine what caused a city wide blackout. Meanwhile, War Machine is in a dangerous predicament due to the lack of power. Iron Man tracks down the alleged culprit and confronts him. Can Iron Man get the power back on? Will War Machine make it out of his predicament?moreless
  • The Beast Within
    The Beast Within
    Episode 14
    The Mandarin (Robert Ito) continues plotting against Iron Man (Robert Hays), including attempts to capture Iron Man's invaluable armor. To the shock of Tony Stark's friends and colleagues, it looks as if the Mandarin has finally succeeded in doing away with the hero. However, Iron Man has a few tricks up his sleeves.moreless
  • The Wedding of Iron Man
    In The Wedding of Iron Man Tony Stark, Iron Man, and Julia Carpenter, Spider-Woman seem to get married; but did Julia really marry Tony or is it a hoax? Mandarin thinks he has finally found the true identity to Iron Man and sets out to uncover the truth. Will their marriage be the end of Tony's secret identity or will Iron Man win once again?moreless
  • The Origin of Iron Man, Part 2
    Iron Man is stranded on a remote glacier. Unfortunately for him, his suit needs recharged and he is unable to leave the glacier. When Iron Man's enemies learn of the superheroes situation, they quickly look for ways to take advantage of the situation. Can Iron Man get his armor recharged before his enemies begin to attack?moreless
  • The Origin of Iron Man, Part 1
    The Origin of Iron Man, Part 1 features a battle of epic porportions. When Mandarin and Fing Fang Foom attack Iron Man, Iron Man is thrown into a ice cavern. As Tony works on repairing his Iron Man suit he turns on a memory module and begins remembering his childhood, but danger is just around the corner as the ice cave begins crumbling. Will Tony make it out of the cave or will this be the end of Iron Man?moreless
  • Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2
    Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 2 features not one but two Iron Men, the real Iron Man and the duplicate Iron Man. A battle of strength and will ensue as the real Iron Man tries to defeat the robot and save humanity from the deadly Dark Water Fever toxin about to be released. Will Iron Man be able to defeat the fake or will the robot win?moreless
  • Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1
    In Iron Man to the Second Power, Part 1 MODOK, Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, develops a robot that looks like Iron Man. Mandarin and his evil minions steal the Dark Water Fever strain and use the Iron Man look-alike to demand a ransom. Will the ransom need to be paid or will Iron Man be able to save the day?moreless
  • Defection of Hawkeye
    In the episode Defection of Hawkeye, from the series Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series, the superheroes of Force Works begin to wonder if Hawkeye is a traitor after the Mandarin tries to steal a tanker filled with adamantium alloy and almost succeeds. Has Hawkeye gone to the dark side or has he just been at the wrong place at the wrong time?moreless
  • Origin of the Mandarin
    In Origin of the Mandarin, the Star Enterprises is attacked by Mandarin resulting in Spider-Woman discovering a black box. When Scarlet Witch decifers the coded message from the black box, the tale of a young boy named Arnold Brock begins to emerge. When Mandarin learns of the find he sets out to destroy Iron Man and his friends.moreless
  • Enemy Within, Enemy Without
    In Enemy Within, Enemy Without the Mandarin seeks to steal the new experimental boat named Water Strider from Stark Enterprises; however, in the process the Mandarin endangers Alana, Modok's wife. Modok goes to Iron Man to seek assistance in protecting Alana. Is this an evil trap or does Modok really want to help Iron Man defeat Modok?moreless
  • The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat
    The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat from the show Iron Man: The Complete Animated Series involves intrigue and time travel. When Stark Enterprises develop a new fighter-bomber named the Grim Reaper, Mandarin's minions use time travel to go steal the newly developed stealth jet. Can Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, Century, and Hawkeye bring it back or will Mandarin use it for his evil desires?moreless
  • Silence My Companion, My Death Destination
    Silence My Companion, My Death Destination features the Mandarin trying to lure Iron Man into a trap by using Rachel, Spider-Woman's daughter. While trying to rescue Rachel, Iron Man's suit loses power and he must find a way to refuel his suit. Does Rachel hold the key to his power supply problem?moreless
  • Data In, Chaos Out
    Data In, Chaos Out
    Episode 3
    In Data In, Chaos Out the Mandarin steals the satellite that controls the international stock trading system and causes panic when the stock markets crash worldwide. While Tony is visiting President Clinton to discuss the economic situation, the Mandarin and Modok brainwash Jim Rhodes. Modok demands Jim to have Tony arrested. Can Tony prove his innocence and save the economies throughout the world or has Modok finally won?moreless
  • Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer
    In Rejoice! I Am Ultimo Thy Deliverer, the Mandarin finds an ancient alien artifact buried deep within an extinct volcano. The Mandarin, Justin Hammer and Modok learn how to control Ultimo and send it after Iron Man. Can Iron Man and his friends find a way to free Ultimo from the Mandarin's control or is this the end for the heroes of Force Works?moreless
  • And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead
    In the episode And the Sea Shall Give Up Its Dead, Hyptnotia manages to sink a Russian nuclear submarine and all its crew. One year later, it resurfaces with an entire crew of radioactive zombies who are loyal to the Mandarin. Can Iron Man and his team find a way to rid Earth of these zombies?moreless