Season 3 Episode 6

A Bullet for Mark

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 16, 1969 on NBC



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    • (at the annual awards luncheon for the Amateur Chefs of America)
      Cecily Forbes: I'm sure your Rack Of Lamb Flambeau a la Ironside will win. I've never heard such raves from the committee.
      Ironside: Well now, I don't think it's that outstanding.
      Cecily Forbes: Oh, shush, Bob. Being so humble, it's out of character.

    • Ironside: Eve, in the last twenty years on this job I've made a lot of enemies. So start with our current cases. Check them through for anyone you think would have enough motive to kill me.
      Eve:You're not blaming yourself, are you?
      Ironside: Isn't there always a time when a person says "it might have been different if?"
      Eve: Not this time, and not you.

    • Ironside: I can take care of myself.
      Commissioner: Not here you can't, not now. You have a thick hide, but it won't stop a bullet. You're bad-tempered, overbearing, and irascible. But, I've put with it too long to give it up now.
      Ironside: Why, Dennis, I didn't think you cared.
      Commissioner: You're staying under police protection.
      Ironside: Thank you.
      Commissioner: And no tricks.
      Ironside: I promise. (calls after him) Dennis, chalk one up for you.
      Commissioner: Oh, you're still way ahead of me.

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