Season 7 Episode 20

A Death in Academe

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 21, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Rosakis: Maybe you can rationalize your way out of that. You can rationalize your way out of anything. But that's because you're empty--you've got nothing to give.
      MacDane: Well, that's a rather severe judgment on your part, wouldn't you say?
      Rosakis: Yeah, but it's true. You're like a machine, you've got no soul. You don't even believe in caring.
      MacDane: As far as what I--I believe in, it's irrelevant. But, uh, what you believe in, Mr. Rosakis, which makes me think of something that's chaotic and prejudicial and contradictory, which is a result of your experience, is pregnant, that is pregnant, Mr. Rozakis. Now if we choose together to explore this chaos and throw away all those concepts that should and do crumble under close scrutiny, well, then we might very well find ourselves in a world that is very fine and clear. A world in which, if you will, we might lay the foundation for a house of intellect. A foundation that is made of honesty and openness and then confrontation. We'll see you Monday, thank you.