Season 7 Episode 25

Amy Prentiss: AKA The Chief (2)

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM May 23, 1974 on NBC



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    • Amy: Hi, Irma, how's it going?
      Irma: Well, I've been busted to street patrol and Raquel Welch is commanding women's division.
      Amy: Hmm, good.
      Irma: Hey, you said you wanted to see me.
      Amy: Yeah, listen, I need twelve girls for undercover vice, to pose as college kids and would-be prostitutes. Since Sunday, all our campus contacts are going dry, we have to turn  up a lead to Benny Folger.
      Irma: Who's going to cover the girls?
      Amy: Oh, they'll be covered.
      Irma: Lori was covered.
      Amy: Well, that was unique, Lori got caught in a fluid violent tactical situation.
      Irma: One girl and her backup failed. Now you want twelve girls.
      Amy: For a prowl. This is not a raid, it's just a prowl.
      Irma: Oh, you're telling me the roof only leaks when it rains. I'm asking you for backup.
      Amy: Irma. This is me.
      Irma: And this is me.

    • Bill: (handing folders to Amy) Sam Burton dropped this in. We getting into the money belt thing?
      Amy: I'm not sure. Is Burton an alcoholic?
      Bill: I don't think so. Sometimes he drinks too much but hell, we all do.
      Amy: I went over there. He was hungover. He knew about the hot prowl ADW but he was not involved. I rather think he lied to you than you lied to me.
      Bill: I did not.
      Amy: Case closed.
      Bill: (looking at her diploma) Army.
      Amy: Yeah, right out of college. You were what, Navy?
      Bill: Coast Guard when I was a kid.
      Amy: Right. I knew there was something. My husband was Coast Guard.
      Bill: Oh yeah. Didn't I hear he was lost?
      Amy: Hurricane Hilda, October '64.
      Bill: Well, Semper Fidelis.

    • Amy: Doctor, How's the patient?
      Doctor: My wife has hurt me worse for dropping her vase.

    • Ironside: As I said, I'm glad you could make it. We certainly need your help. Coffee?
      Amy: I'll give you anything but milk.
      Ironside: We know now that the shipment of heroin into the country from Baja. Thanks to the work your people did on that rumor, we are convinced that San Francisco is indeed its destination. How about some coffee?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Joe Soo: Hey, two points for Charlie Chan, everybody gather round.
      Referencing the fictional private investigator created by Earl Derr Biggers in 1926. Initially a detective with the Hawaiian police, Chan soon took cases throughout the world. The character moved on to radio, movies, comic strips, and television, and found his greatest success when portrayed by non-Asian actors such as the Swedish Warner Oland. The character, often considered stereotypical and racist, has been the subject of much controversy over the years.

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