Season 7 Episode 21

Close to the Heart

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 28, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ironside: Hello, Mrs. Keyes.
      Laura: Chief, I was just telling Miss Belding I really don't need any protection.
      Ironside: Well, I'm not here to argue the point.
      Laura: What is it this time? More questions?
      Ironside: This time I thought I'd try a few answers.
      Laura: I've already told you what happened.
      Ironside: Were we really supposed to believe that story about a stray bullet? Really? On June 4th two years ago, Carlos Ortega was murdered. Now there are two interesting things about that murder. One, he was challenging the leadership of his union. Two, he was killed with the same gun you with which you were wounded.
      Laura: I already told you and it's the truth. I have never laid eyes on nor have I ever heard of anyone called Carlos Ortega.
      Ironside: Just about the time you abruptly quit your well-paying job, Ortega was proposing the union have the pension fund audited. It never happened because he was murdered. If it had happened, something very interesting might have come to light. One of the supposedly legitimate investments of that pension fund is Seaview Estates. It's all here in the annual statement. And although Seaview Estates has seemed a very prosperous venture, none of its profits are going into the Union  pension fund. Money's being siphoned off. Now only two men could have arranged that. One named Bill McCracken, one named Mike Purcell. Which one shot you? I nominate Purcell.
      Laura: Those are your answers, not mine. You never heard any of that from me.