Season 7 Episode 22

Come Eleven, Come Twelve

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 07, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Cutter: (to Ed) The trouble with you is that you look at people like they are what you see. (to Smithers) Like I believe you, man, because you say it. No way.
      Ed: So everyone's twisted?
      Cutter: Sure. Listen you take my old man, he'd come home every night and give my mom his paycheck every week. Mr. Solid Citizen, right? Then one night he don't come home and that's the last we see of the guy. It turns out he's been shacked up with some young chick all that time.
      Smithers: That's too bad.
      Cutter: Hypocrites, that's just what people are. When the dice are rolling, they don't care for anyone or anything except themselves.
      Smithers: Ah now there's where you're wrong. See, it's all sharing, now say you've got something I need, say I know somebody that's got something you want, well somebody's got to get us together, somebody's got to trust somebody.
      Cutter: That's the most confusing speech I've ever heard since that ah, jabber thing.
      Ed: Jabberwocky.
      Cutter: Well, what do you know, an educated cop.
      Smithers: You must have had a real hurtful experience. I mean your father running off...
      Cutter: Ah, I outgrew it. And you're wrong. You know that you're all wrong about that sharing stuff.
      Smithers: Well, they do say that the salesman is the most misunderstood man in the whole United States.