Season 8 Episode 5

Cross Doublecross

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 1974 on NBC



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    • Jim: Hey, what's going on? Why'd you get me yanked off the case?
      Ironside: Morning, Jim. You know Ed Brown.
      Jim: Yeah, I know Ed Brown. Well?
      Ironside: Well what?
      Jim: Why'd you take me off the case?!?
      Ironside: I didn't. It was your division commander.
      Jim: You telling me you didn't talk to him?
      Ironside: No, but I had a call from Internal Affairs about you.
      Jim: Well, what do they want?
      Ironside: They may have enough already. A string of complaints about unnecessary and excessive force.
      Jim: Oh come on, I was given my badge to do a job.
      Ironside: It's not an excuse to throw your weight around. Not everybody on the streets is a criminal, you know.
      Jim: Well it's getting a little tougher to sort them out. Sometimes one of us even gets killed trying! Okay, okay, all right. What am I supposed to do?
      Ironside: Just your job. That doesn't include Stan Frost.
      Jim: He tried to kill me. He almost got Fran. He's out there somewhere, you know.
      Ironside: He'll be found.
      Jim: Well, I'm reassured by that, Chief.

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