Season 6 Episode 4

Down Two Roads

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 1972 on NBC



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    • Mark: So far I've heard from two or three law firms. But I'm not sure if they want me or they're trying to kiss up to you.
      Ironside: Of course they want you. They know you to be reasonably bright--except in the morning. You're a man with whom they can work well, good scholastic record, and with excellent references--mine.

    • Mark: Now the whole county backs up Ryan, but who backs up Marty?
      Ironside: I get the feeling that you want to help Marty.
      Mark: Well, I know him. I mean, if a guy was going to steal, would he do it in his own backyard?
      Ironside: What does Ryan have?
      Mark: A lot of circumstantial evidence and a previous conviction.
      Ironside: What was taken?
      Mark: Six thousand dollars, cap and gown money, but they didn't find a dime on him.
      Ironside: That's not surprising. He could have hidden it.
      Mark: Yeah, Chief, I know that, but I just don't believe that he could have done it.
      Ironside: Well, then, do something about it.
      Mark: Like what?
      Ironside: You could... (restraining himself from telling Mark what to do) That is up to you.

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