Season 1 Episode 28

Due Process of Law

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 28, 1968 on NBC



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    • Commissioner: May I ask why you're involved in the case?
      Ironside: Yes. A good friend asked for my help.
      Commissioner: The mayor has asked for your help, too. As long as you're on his crime committee, you won't have time for this.
      Ironside: Dennis, a girl has been murdered.
      Commissioner: We have many men trained to handle homicide cases, but only one qualified to advise the mayor on new anti-crime legislation.
      Ironside: I intend to help the mayor all I can, Commissioner, as long as it doesn't interfere with my police work. Let's go, Mark.
      Commissioner: Bob, I hate to pull rank, but I could remove you from this case.
      Ironside: I'd hate to have you do that, Commissioner. Might force me to remove myself form the mayor's committee.

    • Mark: The courts won't be open for another hour. Fenway could be halfway to the moon by then.
      Ironside: Like it or not, Mark, a search warrant has to be approved by the court.
      Mark: The man's a murderer. You think he's going to wait around while...?
      Ironside: Now wait a minute, hold on. Who says he's a murderer?
      Mark: He left the party with Helen, didn't he? Well that's enough...
      Ironside: Instant justice. No trial, no jury, just step right up and be convicted. Will you bother to sentence the poor devil, Judge Sanger, or just shoot him down in the street?
      Mark: Fenway's the only lead we've got. If I hadn't left Helen at that party, she would still be alive.
      Ironside: Now you don't know that for sure.
      Mark: It's a pretty good bet.
      Ironside: Look, I promised to help you and I will. But with your kind permission, I'll handle this case my way.
      Mark: Yeah, in slow motion.

    • Ed: You know, I was just thinking how I might react if it was my date who ended up dead.
      Ironside: Ed, had the same situation happened to me when I was his age, I would have made this city think it was having another earthquake. But you tell him (Mark) I said that and I'll have your badge.

    • Eve: I understand we've lost our prime suspect (to murder) and replaced him with one of our staff.
      Ironside: That's very funny.

    • (everyone is heading out of the office and leaving Mark behind)
      Mark: Chief.
      Ironside: All right, Mark, I'll say this once. We all know what you've been going through, we all understand, from the mayor to the cop on the Info Desk at Headquarters. But we also understand there's a right way to do things and a wrong way. You dig?
      Mark: Yes, sir.
      Ironside: One more blunder and I'll file you under obsolete.
      Mark: Beautiful.
      Ironside: Well, let's go.

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