Season 1 Episode 5

Eat, Drink and Be Buried

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 1967 on NBC

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  • Great guest cast, so-so story.

    Granted, I saw Season 2's "I, The People" with Milton Berle before I saw this episode, but the storylines are very similar, and the Berle episode was better. This one isn't bad, particularly with Lee Grant and Hitchcock regular Farley Granger in the guest cast, but the basic plot was improved considerably for the second season outing.

    In this case, the celebrity facing death threats is an old friend of Ironside's, so he's immediately interested in taking the case, even if she doesn't want protection. There are plenty of red herrings and false suspects to chase down before the real culprit is identified. Again, the resolution to this one is almost identical to "I, The People," but it's not as good. Maybe it's because Berle's character was so odious compared to Grant's damsel in distress that the drama was more interesting, but the ending falls flat.

    Quincy Jones pops up in an extended cameo and has some good scenes with Mark - I like that the show was exploring the conflict of a young black man going to work for the police and whether or not it's a betrayal. Good, meaty stuff - not the kind you expect from a 60s TV show and stuff you're still hard-pressed to find today.