Season 7 Episode 14

Friend or Foe

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 03, 1974 on NBC



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    • Fran: It all checks out, Chief. Sgt. Borden put ten percent of his salary into blue chip stocks every since the day he was married. That's a tab running of his holdings to date.
      Ironside: Cash three thousand.
      Fran: Well, according to Mr. Hamilton the Sergeant wanted to liquidate, pay off his mortgage, buy the cabin he was renting in Tahoe, just clear the debts for his retirement. The three thousand dollars was just an advance. He wanted to buy something right away.
      Ironside: The boat.
      Mark: Still leaves five hundred.
      Ironside: He might have wanted to buy his wife a present.
      Fran: Well, for a man who started out as a beat cop, he certainly knew how to make money grow.
      Ironside: You had the same start, "go thou and do likewise".

    • Carl: Helen, did he talk about his cases with you?
      Helen: Sometimes.
      Carl: The Delaney case.
      Helen: He was very proud of that one.
      Carl: The heroin has disappeared.
      Helen: Disappeared? You mean you lost it?
      Carl: Stolen.
      Helen: Oh, I'm sorry, you worked so hard on that.
      Carl: Helen, now I want you to listen because I've got to ask you these questions, try and understand.
      Helen: Carl, is something wrong?
      Carl: Did Don ever talk to you of money?
      Helen: Money?
      Carl: How fixed you were, how much cash you had in the bank, things like that?
      Helen: No, he--he always took care of things like that himself.
      Carl: You don't know anything?
      Helen: No. Car,l why are you...?
      Carl: Yesterday he bought a boat.
      Helen: A boat?
      Carl: You didn't know. (Helen shakes her head no in disbelief) He paid $2,500 for it. All cash.
      Helen: He always wanted a boat. He always talked about how after he retired, he'd spend the rest of his life sailing and... Carl, what are you getting at?
      Carl: The heroin disappeared between the time Don picked it up in the property room and gave it to me in the courtroom.

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