Season 7 Episode 14

Friend or Foe

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 03, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Carl: Helen, did he talk about his cases with you?
      Helen: Sometimes.
      Carl: The Delaney case.
      Helen: He was very proud of that one.
      Carl: The heroin has disappeared.
      Helen: Disappeared? You mean you lost it?
      Carl: Stolen.
      Helen: Oh, I'm sorry, you worked so hard on that.
      Carl: Helen, now I want you to listen because I've got to ask you these questions, try and understand.
      Helen: Carl, is something wrong?
      Carl: Did Don ever talk to you of money?
      Helen: Money?
      Carl: How fixed you were, how much cash you had in the bank, things like that?
      Helen: No, he--he always took care of things like that himself.
      Carl: You don't know anything?
      Helen: No. Car,l why are you...?
      Carl: Yesterday he bought a boat.
      Helen: A boat?
      Carl: You didn't know. (Helen shakes her head no in disbelief) He paid $2,500 for it. All cash.
      Helen: He always wanted a boat. He always talked about how after he retired, he'd spend the rest of his life sailing and... Carl, what are you getting at?
      Carl: The heroin disappeared between the time Don picked it up in the property room and gave it to me in the courtroom.