Season 1 Episode 1

Ironside - World Premiere (aka. A Man Called Ironside)

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 28, 1966 on NBC
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Ironside - World Premiere (aka. A Man Called Ironside)

Holidaying in an isolated farmhouse, Chief of Detectives Robert T. Ironside is shot by an unseen assailant and paralyzed from the waist down. Fearing enforced retirement, he uses his personal brand of diplomacy to secure a new job as Special Consultant to the Commissioner of Police, an old friend who finds it hard to say no. Accompanied by his team, the ever-faithful Ed Brown, society-girl-turned-cop Eve Whitfield and reformed juvenile offender Mark Sanger, he sets out to find the gunman who has changed his life.


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    Raymond Burr

    Raymond Burr

    Chief Robert T. Ironside

    Don Galloway

    Don Galloway

    Detective Sergeant Ed Brown

    Barbara Anderson

    Barbara Anderson

    Officer Eve Whitfield

    Don Mitchell

    Don Mitchell

    Mark Sanger

    Geraldine Brooks

    Geraldine Brooks

    Honor Thompson

    Guest Star

    Wally Cox

    Wally Cox


    Guest Star

    Kim Darby

    Kim Darby

    Ellen Welles

    Guest Star

    Gene Lyons

    Gene Lyons

    Commissioner Dennis Randall

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (5)

      • A news report says that the 46 year old Chief was taking his first vacation in a quarter of a century of serving on the police force.

      • Ironside was shot at the Commissioner's chicken farm in Glen Ellen, which is a small town located in the Sonoma Valley of Sonoma County, California. It is approximately 45 miles (72km) north of San Francisco.

      • A news report gives the Commissioner's name as Dennis Randall, although in the credits, Gene Lyons is listed only as 'The Commissioner' and his name is seldom used in the program. Ironside usually calls him 'Commissioner'.

      • A news report describes Robert T. Ironside as being 46 years old and the youngest Chief of Detectives in San Francisco history.

        In actuality, Raymond Burr was 49 when the pilot was filmed. It aired on March 28, 1967 and Raymond was born on May 21, 1917.

      • GOOF: The shot of Tiny Tim performing shows him playing ukulele right handed. Tiny Tim was left handed and played ukulele that way.

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Ironside: Who shot me, damn it?
        Sister Agatha: You hush now. They don't know who shot you.
        Ironside: What day is it?
        Sister Agatha: Thursday night.
        Ironside: I was shot?
        Sister Agatha: Tuesday night.
        Ironside: They still don't know?
        Sister Agatha: No.
        Ironside: Damn it. What are we paying them for?

      • Ironside: (speaking to the doctor) Spit it out. Let me guess, my health insurance has run out and you need this room for a very rich man with the gout. (silence) I thought a conversation was supposed to be first on one side and then on the other. It's your turn.
        Doctor: Mr. Ironside, I've been studying your X-rays and so has the orthopedist and so has the chief surgeon. Now you can go home in a week if you like.
        Ironside: But what--I'm not going to last long? Is that it? How long? A month? This afternoon?
        Doctor: You're not going to die, Mr. Ironside.
        Ironside: Not ever? You hear that, Sister?
        Doctor: Not from your wound, that is. But the bullet shattered a nerve junction in your spine.
        Ironside: What does that mean?
        Doctor: Well, neurologically speaking...
        Ironside: Not neurologically speaking, English speaking.
        Doctor: It means that there's no reason that you can't live a full and productive life. It means that when leave here, you can do anything you like, anything except walk.
        Ironside: That all? Don't you two have anything else to do? All right, you've told me. I've had guys confess to murder quicker. What do you do when you have real bad news--bring in a flaming fiddler to play "Hearts and Flowers"?

      • Editor: Are you doing the Ironside wrap-up?
        Reporter: Yup.
        Editor: Forget it. He's fooled us again. Now they say he's going to live.

      • Eve: (speaking to reporters after the Chief is shot) I'm on the force because I was a witness at a jewel robbery three years ago and Chief Ironside said that I had excellent powers of observation, "for a broad" he said.
        Reporter: Then he told you to go to the Police Academy?
        Eve: He did not. He told me not to. He said that police work would break my heart... excuse me.

      • Ed: (quoting Ironside when a fellow officer asks him if he would like the day off after the Chief is shot) "The only excuse for a policeman taking a day off is death - his own."

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Ironside: What do you do when you have real bad news--bring in a flaming fiddler to play "Hearts and Flowers"?
        "Hearts and Flowers" is a sad song from the 1950s by American singer Johnny Desmond (1919-1985).

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