Season 3 Episode 25

Little Dog, Gone

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Apr 02, 1970 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Tincture of nicotine is the substance that was used to tranquilize the dogs. Ironside stated that it is mostly used in zoos.

  • Quotes

    • Ed: (looking at the picture handed to him by Ironside of a missing Beagle named Andy) You're kidding!
      Ironside: If you were to look at a graph of my career, it would be represented by a never-rising line, first pounding the beat in the Toolies, then Detective, Detective Sergeant and Detective Lieutenant and now the dizzying height of ultimate success, the apogee.
      Eve: Dog catcher. (smirks)
      Ed: The Commissioner really didn't expect you to take the case, did he?
      Ironside: I made my feelings quite clear. Where I was firm, he was stubborn. Where I was rational, he was arbitrary. So we compromised. I agreed that my staff handle this.
      Ed: Staff! You mean...
      Ironside: I mean you and you and you (looking at Ed, Eve and Mark).
      Mark: Sorry, I'm not staff, just live here.
      Ed: R.H.I.P. Rank has its privileges.
      Eve: I call it P.T.B. Passing the Buck.
      Ed: This is what the victim looks like.
      Eve: Victim?
      Ironside: Ms. Cardwell insisted that her pet was stolen.
      Ed: I better get the lab men on it. Check the little mutt's kennel for finger... ah, paw prints.
      Eve: I'll put out an APB, all pooches bulletin.
      Ironside: Enjoy, enjoy, it's your case.
      Eve: Enjoy? Why, Chief, it's the most important case you've ever trusted us with.
      Ed: We'll get right on it, first thing in the morning.
      Ironside: Enjoy...

    • (After Ironside calls Miguel the white terrier onto his lap.)
      Ed: (in a W.C. Fields voice) Anybody who hates small children and dogs, can't be all bad.

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