Season 3 Episode 23

Little Jerry Jessup

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 12, 1970 on NBC



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    • Mark: What are you so uptight about? Jerry, we're just trying to help.
      Jerry: Why are you a cop?
      Mark: I'm not a cop. I just work for the man.
      Jerry: Maybe you don't have a badge or a gun, but you're still a cop.
      Mark: Now how can you tell that?
      Jerry: If someone was in trouble, which side would you be on? Cops or robbers?
      Mark: Whoever is right, only I don't call it cops and robbers.
      Jerry: What do you call it?
      Mark: Cops and robbers is a game that little kids play or that you see in the movies, but in real life, Jerry, it's right and wrong.
      Jerry: I don't like you.
      Mark: Oh yes you do, you're just trying hard not to.

    • Ironside: Al got away. We figure he slipped our roadblocks, got out of town. Now, if he's back, where would he be?
      Jerry: You're not going to tell, are you?
      Marty: Listen, Jerry, I was out of work and your mom was sick and this guy Al came to me with a--with a proposition. And when you're worried about your family sometimes you don't think straight, I'm thinking straight now.
      Jerry: But telling...
      Marty: If I knew where Al Carter was, I'd tell them in a moment. I'd keep him away from some other father who has a son.

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