Season 3 Episode 7

Love My Enemy

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 23, 1969 on NBC



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    • Hsai Hsu Mak: You've been watching too many of your American films. You see intrigue and conspiracy every time you turn your head.
      Ironside: In this situation, don't you?

    • Hsai Hsu Mak: There's a difference between law enforcement in your country and mine.
      Ironside: Tell me.
      Hsai Hsu Mak: In your country, it's a judicial matter. In mine it's political. Yes, I'm a policeman. I have a uniform and a badge, I parade about, I can wave a stick at traffic, I can arrest somebody – when I'm told to. In other words, I do as I am told. Nobody's yet has told me to worry about the death of a sick old chambermaid.
      Ironside: Questions might be asked.|
      Hsai Hsu Mak: Nobody's asked me.
      Ironside: I'm asking you.
      Hsai Hsu Mak: Who do you think you are, the Commissar of my conscience?
      Ironside: Perhaps a spur to your self-respect.

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