Season 7 Episode 10

Mind for Murder

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Nov 15, 1973 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Mark: What you were saying was pretty heavy.
      Damien: Yeah, well, sometimes life is pretty heavy. People lie, cheat, steal...
      Ed: Set fire to schools with children in them.
      Fran: Last night three boys, all under the age of ten, were killed in a fire at Davis School.
      Damien: I read about it.
      Fran: The report it was arson didn't come in till this afternoon. The press won't get it till tomorrow morning.
      Damien: I thought you were supposed to read me my rights before you make any accusations?
      Ed: No accusations, Mr. Damien, just curiosity.
      Damien: There were over a hundred people will swear that I was here last night and not at the fire.
      Mark: That doesn't explain how you knew what happened there
      Damien: An impression from the ring.
      Ed: You know, impressions sometimes get more tangible when they're talked out. We'd like to hear the rest of yours.
      Damien: Don't con me, cops don't buy impressions. You want nice pat answers that fit into your nice logical world.