Season 7 Episode 2

Murder by One

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 1973 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Ironside: Everything in its place and a place for everything.
      Fran: He was very neat.
      Ironside: (reading the suicide note) "It's far far better thing that I do." Neat but not original. For a neat boy he used a torn piece of paper. And the corners... the corner's missing, Ed, have you checked the waste paper basket?

    • Fran: I don't believe he killed himself.
      Ironside: Then who did?
      Fran: I don't know. It's just a feeling.
      Ironside: What kind of feeling?
      Fran: I don't--I don't now. Maybe it's... maybe it's because I'm sorry I gave Liz that gun.
      Ironside: Officer Belding, what do you want? A few days off so you can feel sorry for yourself?
      Fran: No way.
      Ironside: Then suppose you expend your energies to pursuing the case. Did Donny have any visitors yesterday afternoon? How did he spend his afternoon? Etcetra, etcetra, etcetra.

  • Notes

    • Song "Your Time is Coming" music by Marty & David Paich, lyrics by David Paich, sung by Carol Carmichael.

  • Allusions

    • Ironside: Do you recall what Dickens had Sidney Carton say?
      Frank: It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.

      Alluding to the quote from Charles Dickens' second novel written in 1859, A Tale of Two Cities.