Season 4 Episode 5

Noel's Gonna Fly

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 15, 1970 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Noel: I point a gun at a man and it's a happening.
      Ironside: Marvelous to be like that, isn't it? Young, free, no responsibilities except to themselves.
      Noel: Hmmm, is it ever.
      Ironside: Is that what it was all about, Noel? Trying to be 21 again.
      Noel: Me? Don't be ridiculous. I guess maybe it was part of it.
      Ironside: What's the rest of it?
      Noel: No, you wouldn't understand.
      Ironside: My dream was to sail a small boat around the world. What's yours?
      Noel: You make it sound like a whim.
      Ironside: It's not. Whenever the pressures build inside and the world looks great on the outside, it's natural law. Even a rowboat looks glamorous, but what specifically do you plan to do?
      Noel: I don't know. Ever since I walked out, I've been trying to think, but I don't seem to come up with any answers. Maybe I'll travel a little, maybe visit the kids, they don't get home very much.
      Ironside: Good idea. While you're there, warn them not to fall into the same trap. You know, marriage, children, the daily grind.
      Noel: Why don't you just say it?
      Ironside: Hmm. All right. Somebody has to hold the world up, not everybody can. Them that can dies.
      Noel: Oh. And I can?
      Ironside: You have been. From what I hear, you're very good at it.
      Noel: Not anymore I'm not. This may sound selfish but from now on I look after me, exclusively.
      Ironside: Is that right?
      Noel: Yes. Everybody else can go hang.
      Ironside: You had fourteen thousand in your bank account, how come you only took out five?
      Noel: I couldn't leave Dorie with nothing, could I?
      Ironside: No you couldn't. (smiling)
      Noel: Oh. So I'm licked before I start.
      Ironside: Not by a long shot. Why don't you play in your home court? Make what changes you want to in your own life, not start a new one.
      Noel: Because it seems cleaner.
      Ironside: Does it? Does it really?
      Noel: No. No, but I'll tell you one thing, from now on no bridge every Tuesday and Thursday night.
      Ironside: I'm a cop, not a marriage counselor. Tell that to your wife.