Season 7 Episode 16

Once More for Joey

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 1974 on NBC



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    • Ed: Mr. Brooks, I understand you have the latest Out of Sight release on special.
      Brooks: Sure do, if I have any left. They go pretty fast.
      Fran: At only 2.50 a cassette, I would imagine.
      Brooks: Ah here we go Out of Sight Trio, Sand and the Sandpiper. You're lucky it's the last one.
      Ed: Yeah, it's a pirate tape, all right.
      Fran: This counterfeit artwork would fool anybody.
      Ed: I wonder if the tape's any better. Mr. Brooks, it would be interesting to know how you can sell these for four and a half dollars under the going price.
      Brooks: Are you suggesting I'm selling stolen merchandise?
      Fran: Now that you mention it, yes. Mr. Brooks, do you know you're actually stealing from musicians, singers, writers, and producers?
      Ed: Who did you buy it from?
      Brooks: Oh, I don't know. I buy a lot of stuff. This was presented to me as legitimate merchandise. It was part of a bankrupt stock liquidation, I believe.
      Ed: Get off of it, you know that's a copied label. You're an accessory to a 300 hundred million dollar a year music bootlegging racket, Mr. Brooks. The only way we can stop it is at the end of the funnel. The distributor.

    • Ironside: Two of the tapes are secured in this building. Could anyone have gotten to them?
      Prudy: Not with me around and I'm pretty much here all the time, like in the Marines. When I'm not awake, I'm half awake. And when I'm not half awake, I've got one eye open.
      Ironside: In that condition a man's vision could get blurred.

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