Season 7 Episode 16

Once More for Joey

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Jan 17, 1974 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Ed: Mr. Brooks, I understand you have the latest Out of Sight release on special.
      Brooks: Sure do, if I have any left. They go pretty fast.
      Fran: At only 2.50 a cassette, I would imagine.
      Brooks: Ah here we go Out of Sight Trio, Sand and the Sandpiper. You're lucky it's the last one.
      Ed: Yeah, it's a pirate tape, all right.
      Fran: This counterfeit artwork would fool anybody.
      Ed: I wonder if the tape's any better. Mr. Brooks, it would be interesting to know how you can sell these for four and a half dollars under the going price.
      Brooks: Are you suggesting I'm selling stolen merchandise?
      Fran: Now that you mention it, yes. Mr. Brooks, do you know you're actually stealing from musicians, singers, writers, and producers?
      Ed: Who did you buy it from?
      Brooks: Oh, I don't know. I buy a lot of stuff. This was presented to me as legitimate merchandise. It was part of a bankrupt stock liquidation, I believe.
      Ed: Get off of it, you know that's a copied label. You're an accessory to a 300 hundred million dollar a year music bootlegging racket, Mr. Brooks. The only way we can stop it is at the end of the funnel. The distributor.