Season 3 Episode 21

One Hour to Kill

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Feb 26, 1970 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Randall: Bob! Bob!
      Ironside: Be right out. Well, Dennis, just passing by?
      Randall: Oh, more or less. What are you doing tonight?
      Ironside: I'm taking the night off, Dennis, I'm doing nothing. Whatever business brought you here will have to wait.
      Randall: Bob...
      Ironside: Tomorrow, Dennis.
      Randall: This will not keep until tomorrow.
      Ironside: Dennis, relaxation is an art you should cultivate. I'll tell you what, make us a drink and in about half an hour you can split a bowl of chili with me.
      Randall: I have two tickets for the McLaren/Feldy fight. My wife won't go. That's right, Bob, this is purely a social visit.
      Ironside: Well, I'm sorry I misjudged you. Comes of being exploited once too often.
      Randall: It comes from having a basically suspicious nature. So what do you say?
      Ironside: McClaren?
      Randall: It's the fight of the decade. You know how tough it is to get tickets.
      Ironside: I'm tempted, but... no thanks, Dennis. 49ers are playing the Cowboys tonight and I've got a front row seat. Hey how about joining me?
      Randall: I wouldn't trade a good fight for a football game Even with your famous chili thrown in. Goodnight, Bob.
      Ironside: Goodnight.
      Randall: Just remember, I offered you the ticket first. After my wife.
      Ironside: I appreciate it. Enjoy the fight.
      Randall: Enjoy the game.