Season 1 Episode 25

Perfect Crime

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Mar 07, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The note Ironside receives anonymously reads: Dear Chief Ironside, You are wrong. The perfect crime is possible. I will prove it.

    • Peggy's package from her mother has a return address of:
      Mrs. Fortune
      Antwerp, Belgium
      We learn that she won a gold medal for shooting in the 1948 Summer Olympics, which were held in London, England from July 29 to August 14. Interestingly, her home of Antwerp, Belgium hosted the 1920 Olympic Games.

  • Quotes

    • Roger: Roger Simmons. What about the perfect crime?
      Ironside: There are no perfect crimes, only imperfect detectives.
      Roger: But it is possible.
      Ironside: Perfect crime. Young people are always fascinated by the thought of it. Other people's errors look so obvious, so easy to correct. If X had not pawned the jewels, if Y had used another car; but X and Y are human. Being human they have flaws. Sooner or later they make their mistake. And having made their mistake, they are caught.

    • Byron Shelley Crawford: Plato had a perfect society and people committed crimes.
      Ironside: Plato's concepts may have established a perfect society. Perfect for whom? Certainly not the poor or enslaved.

    • Reporter #1: Anything new on the college shooting, Chief?
      Ironside: No comment.
      Reporter #2: Do you think it's one of the students?
      Ironside: No comment.
      Reporter #1: Do you think the sniper intended shooting you and hit the kid by accident?
      Ironside: Interesting but highly improbable.
      Reporter #3: Well, how about the kid who got hit? Why would someone shoot him?
      Ironside: No comment.
      Reporter #2: Thanks a lot, Chief.
      Ironside: Glad to help.

    • Ironside: Can we fix the position of the sniper?
      Mark: Roof of the administration building.
      Ironside: Umm, very good, Mark. Remind me to give you a raise one of these days. Now...
      Mark: Chief?
      Ironside: Yes, Mark?
      Mark: How about a raise?

    • (entering the room)
      Ed: Hi.
      Eve: Hello.
      Ed: Chief, do you know how many steps there are between the first floor of the Administration building and the roof, especially when you climb it a dozen times?
      Eve: Would you be interested in the distance between the rifle range and the various fraternities and sororities? Ask my feet, they know.
      Ironside: From aging salesmen I expect complaints, from young policemen I expect enthusiasm and results. We obviously have to skip the enthusiasm. Now how about the results?

    • Mark: Roger Simmons is captain of the Bay College Skeet and Shooting Team. He's majoring in military tactics and minoring in nuclear physics. His heroes are Napoleon, Clausewitz and Genghis Khan.
      Ironside: He left out Alexander and Charlemagne.

    • Ironside: You know, we're not dealing with a madman, but with an extremely brilliant and Machiavellian mind.

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